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Emergency Treatments For Vertigo – MOH

The number of people experiencing vertigo nowadays is increasing as the day passes by and it might be influenced by the current stressful situation that everyone in this whole wide world has to face nowadays. Vertigo could occur to people of various different ages but it is common in people aged 65 years or over. Based on a study, vertigo is actually a sensation of feeling off-balance. If anyone has these dizzy spells, they might feel like they are spinning or that the world around them is spinning.

This uneasy sensation of vertigo can either be temporary or even long-term. According to research, it can occur during pregnancy or as a symptom of an ear infection. Usually, people with an inner ear disorder such as Ménière’s disease can also experience vertigo. For people having vertigo, the Ministry Of Health Malaysia has recently shared some emergency treatments that they can do to ease their pain a bit and prevent it from getting worse.

According to the posting on the official Twitter Ministry of Health Malaysia social media platform, they have shared several steps that people can immediately take if they experience vertigo. These helpful steps would be:

  1. Take a deep breath and try not to be panicked or freaked out.
  2. Seek medical attention if the uneasy sensation of vertigo attacks for the second time.
  3. Do not close the eyes, focus on one certain object instead.
  4. Avoid sleeping in a pitch-black room at night.
  5. Find a spot to sit or even lay down and wait for the symptom of vertigo to fade away.

Other than all those beneficial steps, MOH also warns people that experience vertigo to avoid doing some of these things. That mentioned things are:

  1. Do not drive or even better to stop driving if you are on the road if you are experiencing vertigo symptoms.
  2. Make sure that you have other people with you when you wanted to go out.

Sources: MOH

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