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‘Locked Down’, Movie That Turns Quarantine Into A Romantic Heist

2020 might have been the year of permanently tempering expectations, but movies like ‘Locked Down’ at least from the onset, make it hard to not get your hopes up. Its stars, Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor are the types of actors whose energy could hold your attention in the most mundane of scenarios, even quarantine.

‘Locked Down’ begins in cloudy, tense circumstances, expressing the bitter mix of introspection and grief that we now know to be part of quarantine. This movie takes the idea of a couple trapped by those circumstances, then builds an improbable heist plot around it.

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This film is the kind of small-boned movie that doesn’t lose anything on a streaming platform. Creatively speaking, it actually might gain something after a few years in the vault. This movie really captures the feelings and issues that many people have to deal with during quarantine.

That is why it is such a great movie to be in the COVID time capsule. This is because, when we look at back this movie a few years later, we will definitely feel so relatable with the movie and can remember back how it feels socially, emotionally, and also mentally the COVID year was.

‘Locked Down’ proves to have a warped idea of escapism, its easygoing approach undermining all of the good things going for it. Under such restrictions, the film is certainly of the lockdown mentality of making do with what is physically available. But when sharing the screen with the promise from such grandiose talent, the little things we are meant to savor feel especially small. 

Sources: CNN News, HBO Max

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