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‘Slam Dunk’ Anime Announces Comeback With New Movie

There’s a high probability you’ve heard of Slam Dunk if you are a fan of some kind of anime. The series is one of Japan’s most successful sports mangas, and whose coming-of-age story has transcended its genre. No matter their love of sport, Slam Dunk has gone on to become a staple with fans, and it seems like the franchise is about to make a comeback.

It was made clear by a recent report that Slam Dunk is preparing for a comeback with a new movie. The project, which could very well debut in 2021, has been announced on social media by creator Inoue Takehiko. A brief announcement of the film that was then circulated across Japan was posted by the artist.

There is very little information available about the film at the moment. Whether this movie will be animated or live-action, has not really been confirmed yet. No one has actually been attached to the project either, but preparations for the Slam Dunk comeback seems to be in the works.

This will be the first time in decades that Slam Dunk has hit the floor. In July 1995, the last installment of the anime was released with a 40-minute film. Since debuting in October 1993, Slam Dunk’s TV series ended a year later. And as for the manga, after Inoue first released it in October 1990, the series was wrapped up in June 1996.

This new movie may be a Slam Dunk remake of sorts, but others hope the movie will have an original plot. Inoue is still in touch with his series, so for this outing, it’s not hard to imagine him penning an original story. But for now, as Slam Dunk gets its stuff in order for a comeback, fans will have to wait for more information.

Source: Inoue Takehiko, Comicbook

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