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Prepare Food For Your Toddler Using These 19 Items From Shopee!



Baby food is any soft, easily ingested food that is made exclusively for human babies between four and six months and two years of age, other than breastmilk or infant formula.

The food is available in many types and flavors that are bought ready-made from suppliers, or it could homemade.

During MCO, it’s difficult to survey for appliances that you need since you are only allowed to buy the things you need throughout the whole implementation.

A user from Twitter named @ImanAbdulRahim showed how she preps for the baby following a thread of the items used that can be bought just from Shopee!

You can follow the whole thread below:

1. Food processor. I use this Philips Avent. Easy to steam and blend pure!

Want to buy a regular is okay. This is less than RM100. Because it is used only for a short time, in 4-5 months only.

2. Prep items: Knife, chopping board, peeler. This one is also cute:

3. Cube food storage. Want to put food that has become puree and store it in the freezer. Find the silicone so that it is not difficult to remove it!

This is what I did. Stock puree then transfers in a ziplock bag. So I do not need to cook every day. Prepare and just heat it.

4. Can also buy this reusable storage bag.


5. This is for food storage – a bigger container to put in chicken stock/soup so it’ll be easier to cook later once you’ve prepared everything and put them in your freezer.

6. Measuring cups. Even though our culture uses the eyeball-method, it’s always good to have this just in case. It comes with cookie cutters.

7. Bowl set. There are a lot of types and all of them are adorable.

8. Suction bowl. This is practical because it sticks to your table. I love the brand but the price is quite high.

9. Baby chair. I always use the IKEA one, but this one is for eating on the ground. Don’t put them in high places. It’s good for the child to just relax while munching on fruits. Easy to clean too.

10. Fruit feeder. You can put dragon fruits, kiwi, or watermelon when it’s cold.

11. Bibs. All of them are very cute!

12. Cups. It’s easy to use this type because of the size that’s easy for the child to hold!

13. If you want bottles, I’ve bought this once in the past. Can be brought for travel too.

14. Electric lunch box. You can cook porridge for your baby and reheat your food. I personally don’t use it because I have a rice cooker and a microwave for that, but just in case you need it:

15. Hand blender. If you do not want to buy a food processor, buy an electric lunch box (RM30) with this hand blender (RM30), and you’re good to go. Cleaning this is easy cause you only use it for a brief moment.

16. Extra – cute bowls.

17. Extra – cute feeding utensils.

18. Extra – ceramic tray. It’s as big as a piece of Gardenia bread. You can bake a small portion of chicken, potato and salmon for your child.

19. Extra – also for baking. You can bake chicken with vegetables or even mac and cheese. The size is also small, so it’s suitable for babies.

Source: @ImanAbdulRahim

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(Video) ‘Militsioner’, A Delightfully Strange Immersive Simulator Game



Have you ever thought of escaping a city? What about trying to escape a city guard by a GIANT policeman? And everyone thinks you’re a criminal. This is the concept of Militsioner, a strange yet delightful immersive simulator from Russian indie developer, TallBoys.


The newly released gameplay trailer demonstrates the game voice mechanics and the world of the game. It is painted with a communist dystopian atmosphere with a pair of giant eyes of the policeman watching you. The voice mechanics enable you to communicate with the giant sentinel and provoke him if you’re ready to face his wrath.

The city seems explorable and you can talk to the NPC with the same voice mechanics and they all seem hostile to your existence. The hostility means leaving the town discreetly would be a challenge since the townsfolk would threaten to call the authorities at the sight of you. The crime that you have been accused of is unknown.

Picture: Medium

The developers are polishing the voice system to ensure it to be as natural as possible. The Player’s response will affect the environment and the NPC’s reaction.

“In order for the policeman and the environment to understand the player correctly, we are working on a system that will correctly process the player’s responses based on the context,” a developer from TallBoys says. “It is important that it does not make stupid mistakes or create obstacles, as the answers will influence the mood and attitude of the Militsioner towards the player.”

For those who prefer more discreet gameplay, the developers are looking at the alternative text input or even dialog system.

The game is still in development and has yet to determine a release date. However, it has already gained interest due to its intriguing concept and fascinating ideology.

Source: IGNSteam, TallBoys

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Food Review: ‘Garrett Popcorn’, Popcorn With One of A Kind Taste



If you are the kind of person who loves to eat popcorn, or for those of you who are looking for or wanted to try something different in this snack. Then, you should definitely try this Garrett Popcorn. Garrett Popcorn is a shop that cooks its popcorn in small batches throughout each day. They are cooked every day to maintain their freshness.

Each recipe is made with simple ingredients and never with preservatives. Garrett Popcorn has the best popcorn and also very suitable to be used as a snack while watching tv or to be taken during a picnic or even road trip. So far, this Garrett Popcorn outlet is located at Suria KLCC, Pavillion, Mid Valley, One Utama, and KLIA2 only.

Picture: Garrett Popcorn

For the size of the packaging, there are Small, Medium, Large, and also Jumbo. There are also available in the form of cans. The shop has been producing a lot of popcorn flavors that are very unique and also delicious. These are the top 5 of the best-selling popcorn from Garrett Popcorn:

1) Caramel Crisp

It is rich with butter notes, sweet brown sugar and a crème Brulee crunch combine for a sweet sensation that is as sophisticated as it is irresistible.

2) Cheese Corn

It is full of the taste of cheddar cheese mixed with gourmet popcorn.

3) Buttery

It is crispy, creamy, and also has the classic taste of popcorn. Full of savory, buttery, and also have a taste of pure popcorn pleasure.

4) Almond Caramel Crisp

It has the addition of roasted almond to the delicious Caramel Crisp. It will be such an indulgence that you can’t resist.

5) Cashew Caramel Crisp

This popcorn is added with freshly roasted cashews to the Caramel Crisp for an amazing snack sensation.

Picture: Garrett Popcorn

Sources: Garrett Popcorn

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(Video) ‘Deathloop’, A Time Heist Spy Game With James Bond-Style Theme Song



The latest release by Sony, Deathloop released a new trailer today. Set on the fictional island of Blackreef, the sequence shows the main character, Colt – an assassin stuck in a time loop where to escape, he must eliminate eight people.


Picture: Google

This new collaboration by Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios thrilled fans. Both companies collaborated in the critically-acclaimed Dishonored series and 2017’s Prey. The in-game art design is reminiscent of that in Dishonored while also displaying some of the fan-favorite mechanics in the game. Prey clearly inspires the sci-fi elements in Deathloop with a retro mix. However, unlike the previous two games from Arkane, Deathloop seems to be more colorful and vibrant in visuals.

The song accompanying the trailer is by artist, FJØRA. Appropriately named ‘Déjà Vu’, the Bond-vibe song matched the editing and gameplay sequence in the trailer perfectly.

Audio Director, Michel Tremouiller is responsible for the ear candy players will experience as they play.

“Along with the different visual influences in each district, we wanted to ensure players would hear different things between the different regions of the island.”-  Audio Director Michel Tremouiller.


Picture: IGN

Also like the previous games, the gameplay is about finding a different path in the environment. This is the part in both Dishonored and Prey that gives it a high-replay ability value.

The trailer shows Colt with stealth abilities like invisibility, crouching, and knife. The fancy environment design also helps to contribute to stealth gaming. But that doesn’t mean combat isn’t an option. It seems that Colt will be provided with powers and weapons enabling different methods in approaching an objective.

To the newly initiated, it is recommended to play Dishonored and Prey to get some idea of the studio’s style.

Another new concept by the studios is the option for multiplayer. Players could also choose to play as Julianna and look into her perspective in the game.

Whatever it is, fans of the first-person shooters will be excited for this addition alongside Resident Evil: Village and Far Cry 6.

It is now available for pre-order on PS5. The game will officially release on PS5 and PC on May 21, 2021.

Source: IGN, Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks, Play Station

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