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World’s Oldest Animal Painting Found In Indonesia



Archaeologists have found in Indonesia the oldest known animal cave painting in the world – a wild pig – thought to have been drawn 45,500 years ago.

The life-sized image of the warty Sulawesi pig, painted using dark red ochre pigment, appears to be part of a storytelling sequence.

The image was found on the island of Sulawesi in the Leang Tedongnge cave in a remote valley.

It provides the earliest evidence of the region’s human settlement.

“The people who made it were fully modern, they were just like us, they had all of the capacity and the tools to do any painting that they liked,” said Maxime Aubert, the co-author of the report published in Science Advances journal.

Aubert, a dating expert, had found a layer of calcite that had formed on top of the painting and used the dating isotope of the Uranium-series to determine that the deposit was 45,500 years old.

This makes the artwork ancient, at least. “But it could be much older because the dating that we’re using only dates the calcite on top of it,” he added.

The study notes that a pig with horn-like facial warts typical of adult males of the species is depicted in the painting, which measures 136cm by 54cm (53in by 21in).

Above the back of the pig are two handprints, which also appear to face two other pigs that are only partly preserved.

Co-author Adam Brumm said: “The pig appears to be observing a fight or social interaction between two other warty pigs.”

The artists would have had to put their hands on a surface before vomiting pigment over it to make the handprints, the researchers said. The team hopes to try to also collect samples of DNA from the residual saliva.

Painting may be the oldest art portraying a figure in the world, but it is not the oldest art made by man.

In South Africa, it is claimed that the oldest known drawing is a hashtag-like doodle created 73,000 years ago.

Source: BBC


Are You A Dragon Ball Fans? Here Are Interesting Facts About Goku’s Family



Undoubtedly, the Dragon Ball anime is one of the anime that has become a phenomenon until it is very famous all over the world. Let’s just say everywhere, of course many people know about the anime series.

Produced by Toei Animation, Dragon Ball was first adapted into an anime series starting in 1986. Interestingly, Dragon Ball was also made into several films that must be entertaining.

However, did you know that there are some interesting facts related to the family of Dragon Ball’s main character, Goku? Let’s look at these facts:

5) Each Family Member In Goku’s Family Has Died Once

Picture: Google

Did you know, every member of the Goku family has died at least once? His mother, Gine, died when the planet Vegeta exploded and his father, Bardock, died when he was devastated by a Frieza supernova attack. His adoptive father, Grandpa Gohan, met an unexpected death when Goku transformed into the Oozaru (Great Ape) form and stepped on it.

His brother, Raditz, and himself fell victim to Piccolo’s attack in the Saiyan Saga arc. ChiChi is transformed into an egg by Buu while Goku’s two sons Gohan and Goten explode with Earth. His grandson, Pan, died when Frieza blew up the Earth at the end of the Resurrection F movie.

4) Goku’s Parent, Bardock And Gine Were In Love

Picture: ComicBook

For those who do not know, men and women of the Saiyan race only choose a partner for breeding purposes, and the relationship seems to only last until their survival is guaranteed. Gine, a woman with low powered and gentle, has been labeled as an outsider in Saiyan culture.

However, her relationship with Bardock is genuine and rare among all Saiyan couples as they are both married and still in love, not just for breeding purposes.

3) Goku Married Into Royalty

Picture: ComicBook

Many are unaware of the fact that although Ox-King (Goku’s father-in-law) only ruled a small kingdom consisting of Fire Mountain, he remained king and by definition made ChiChi a princess and Goku, a prince. So basically, like Vegeta, who is a royal relative but was born in it, Goku is also technically royalty when married to ChiChi.

2) Gine (Goku’s Mother), A Saiyan Who Did Not Fight

Picture: Google

Saiyans are a race of warriors who have a high ability to fight and enjoy battle or destruction. Although Bardock is a fighter, Gine is his polar opposite because he does not have high enough fighting strength and is not interested in combat like the average Saiyan.

Instead, Gine, with other Saiyan people like herself, was assigned to do rough work, among which she participated in the distribution of meat. While it may not be a job that attracts everyone’s attention as a fighter, it is still an important job given the amount of food eaten by the Saiyan race.

1) Goku Not Interested With His Real Parents

Picture: Google

Born on Earth under the care of Grandpa Gohan, Goku grew up knowing only Gohan as his parents. When the question was asked why he never questioned Vegeta about his true legacy, Goku’s answer was that he did not care about the matter.

His perception of the Saiyans also differs in two arcs when his own brother kidnaps his son, Nappa kills his friends and Vegeta, continuing the murder on Earth. So now Goku considers himself a Saiyan from Earth. His identity is linked to his humble beginnings on Earth rather than the planet Vegeta.

Source: CBR

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( Video) Lupin (2021), A Netflix Series That Everyone Can Watch During MCO



During this MCO 2.0 period, it is better for all people to just stay at home and stay safe with their loved ones. If you ever thinking about what to do while staying safe at home, you can just binge some interesting movies on Netflix.

Talking about Netflix, we have one of the perfect and also recommended movies to be watched there. Worry no more because we already help you to analyze the movie first so that you guys can get the idea of what the movie is about. The movie mentioned is none other than Lupin that got recently aired on Netflix.

What Lupin Is About?

Lupin is inspired by Maurice Leblanc’s gentleman thief that is Arsène Lupin. The show follows the adventures of Assane Diop, a master of disguise and all manner of civilized criminal behavior, as he tries to clear his own father’s name. Assane and also his father that is Babakar move to Paris from Senegal looking for a better life. Babakar gets work as a chauffeur with the wealthy Pellegrini family.

The head of the family named Hubert is autocratic and brusque, his wife named Anne is kinder and his daughter, Juliette shows a teasing interest in the 14-year-old Assane. When a fabulous necklace that once adorned the doomed queen, Marie Antoinette, and now belonging to the Pellegrini family goes missing, Babakar is suspected. Even without hard evidence, Babakar is put in prison where he hangs himself, and Assane is orphaned.

Twenty-five years later, the queen’s necklace comes up for auction at the Louvre and who should be in on the proceedings but none other than Assane. The necklace is stolen and the police are running in circles trying to find the thief who apparently spirited away the necklace under the highest security. Though police captain Laugier and Lieutenant Sofia follow conventional leads, their colleague, Guedira makes the Lupin connection.

What Can Be Said About Lupin?

It is such a classic heist-movie device that could get repetitive or even predictable but luckily, Lupin with its unique mercifully short five-episode first season and its endlessly charming leading man, executes each reveals with a high degree of finesse. Getting fooled is half the fun with a show like this.

Lupin has the ability to trick an audience with bits of narrative deception and its not too stressful sense of mischief, the show also boasts an intriguing literary backstory that makes it especially pleasurable to dig into. It is proven that Lupin isn’t dark, gritty, or disturbing. But it’s not frivolous, either.

This particular show has it all with a plot twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat and eagerly wanting more at the very end. Lupin is such a perfect weekend watch.

Sources: YouTube Netflix

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“Justice League” Snyder’s Cut Will Be A 4-Hour Movie – Zack Snyder



Since the original release of the Justice League movie, fans have been petitioning and eagerly waiting to see the one and only Zack Snyder’s original vision for DC’s favorite group of superheroes.

Finally, the director himself has confirmed that fans will be able to watch only one four-hour long movie of the superheroes, instead of a four-part miniseries as was previously reported. That’s twice as long as a normal movie.

Picture: Google

Back in the month of August, it was revealed that the highly anticipated Zack Snyder Cut would span across all the four one-hour long episodes but it seems like the director has decided to go in a different direction. Zack confirmed the four-hour-long movie when he responded to a fan who asked him to clarify if Justice League would be either a mini-series or a “one-shot watch”.

The director then replied with a “one-shot” for the question.

The director also continued to confirm the four-hour-long movie when another fan asked if the long movie would be four-hours either with or without the credits, to which Zack Synder replied with a simple “without”.

Sources: IGN, Twitter DC Extended Universe.

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