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Often Feeling Angry? Follow These 6 Steps By MOH To Overcome It

Anger; a completely human emotion. Some might experience it on a day-to-day basis especially during this MCO period. However, unpredictable outbursts could be destructive if not managed well from their roots. It can lead to problems in your work and personal life.

Before it escalates to be something worse, here are some tips for you to control your temper according to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

1. Calm down…inhale and exhale slowly

Picture: Karolina Grabowska

Sometimes, breathing is all that it takes. And it really is. According to Mayo Clinic, breathing is a relaxation technique and can reduce the activity of stress hormones. It is highly useful during anger because your body is giving signals that it is in crisis. Proper breathing techniques will tell the body that you are fine. This is why breathing control is important.

2. Go somewhere else to control your anger

Picture: Yogendra Singh

If you’re angry while sitting, you should stand up. If you are angry while standing up, you should move away from the area. The further the better. Traveling to take your mind off the environment or people that are triggering your emotions will help greatly.

Changing the environment will help your mind to gain a new perspective in looking for the source of your anger. Pacing or walking around or even exercising will help you focus your stress hormones elsewhere (plus making yourself healthier). Since we’re in MCO, we could focus our energy on activities around the house, playing games, cleaning, or gardening.

3. Identify the cause of your anger

Picture: Nathan Cowley

Ask yourself the question; What triggered it? Where does it come from and is it rational? For instance, should you be angry for your parents questioning your whereabouts when they are actually concerned about your well-being?

Identifying and labeling the rationales of your anger is the first step. Everyone is responsible for their own emotions and learn to not always take everything to heart. Acknowledging that you might have the wrong perception might help you put your feelings into perspective and learn the point-of-view of others.

4. Discuss with family members or friends

Picture: Ekaterina Bolovtsova

If you have an issue, then open up to your family and friends. Repressing your feelings will create long-term issues and unpredictable outbursts. Once you identify your triggers, discuss your thoughts with the people around you. A good emotional support system is the best in dealing with mental and emotional issues. Maybe they could help you identify the root of the problem and what you need to do.

5. Get advice from others

Picture: Cottonbro

Professional help might be the thing you need. A mental health expert might help you work through your anger and identify any underlying issue. Through anger management treatment or behavioral control, you can get your anger in control. Nowadays, you can get professional advice on the internet or through the phone like with Befrienders.

Sometimes, working through the issue alone might be daunting and lonely. Attending support groups could also help with relating to others and makes you feel less awkward in confronting your issue.

6. Get used to forgiving and accepting that human beings also make mistakes

Picture: Guideposts

Everyone has different experiences in life. Before we judge anyone, we should try to understand the other’s perspective and walk a mile in their shoes. Relive the story as they saw it to gain understanding. This will help you forgive the other person. Holding on to anger for long periods of time is very unhealthy. This would damage yourself in return.

The real strength of a person lies in their ability to forgive and takes a lot of emotional skill. Expanding your empathy to others is among the best way to lessen your anger issues and grow as a more emotionally stable person.

Source: MOH, Mayo Clinic, Healthworks

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