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Get Ready To Fall In Love With These 5 Heart-Shaped Places Around The World

Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ is about remembering lost loves. Well, whatever emotional wound your heart suffers from, traveling to these places might heal you of whatever or whomever you have lost.

Here are some of the beautiful heart-shaped places in the world that you may visit. You may need to pack your hiking shoes and bring your drone to capture this breath-taking scenery.

1. Lake Toyoni, Hokkaido, Japan

Picture: The Wanders

This is a naturally formed freshwater lake in the southeast of Tomakomai city. You may need to hike the Sarudake Mountain Path to see it at its full glory. A trip to the lake in autumn will let you see a spectacular view of the lake garlanded by bronze leaves.

2.Galensjak, Croatia

Picture: Twitter

Popularly known as ‘Lover’s Island’, this natural island is a testament to how mother nature also is not immune to cupid’s arrows. This Island also hosts Valentine’s Day special boat rides. There’s an idea for a memorable valentine.

3. Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Picture: Luxury Travel Mag

A trip to Australia won’t be complete without visiting The Great Barrier Reef. If you have the budget, book a helicopter or seaplane ride to see The Great Barrier’s Reef from the air, and voila! The Heart Reef or a coral “bommie” as the locals call it is an outcropping that is 56 feet long. The area is off-limits to snorkelers and divers due to its protected status.
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