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“I Cried Happily Today. A Total of 157 People Said Syahadah” – Ebit Lew

Well-known Islamic preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew cried happily recently when he managed to bring a village of 157 people from the Bajau Laut tribe in Sabah to embrace Islam.

In a post on his Facebook, Ebit said that he went to Tatagan Semporna Island on his humanitarian aid mission to the state of Sabah.

“I went there to give help. I got information that they were in trouble and had lost their food supply. They were in a very difficult situation,” he said.

“A total of 157 people said shahadah. One village converted to Islam this evening. All of them willingly and without coercion converted to Islam. From the Bajau Laut or sea gypsy on Tatagan Semporna Island. They live in boats or small huts over the sea.

“Suddenly many people asked me who God is. What is God? I kept crying. A translator and I then asked if anyone ever explained about religion. They answered no. We do not know. Please tell us. I kept crying. I gathered everyone around the boat.

“They all continue to believe. I teach them shahadah. This is the saddest happy day of my life. Thank you, Allah. I will continue to help with food for the whole village on this sea. I am currently managing to build a school. Looking for Ustaz to teach them here,” he added.

Source: Ebit Lew

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