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It’s Important For Us To Know! These Are The Signs of Child Abuse

Recently our country was shocked by the death of a boy who was later suspected of being abused by his biological mother and stepfather.

Child abuse is not always obvious which causes it to be often neglected or ignored. Furthermore, children suffering from abuse may not tell anyone or do not understand what is happening.

Without adult awareness and monitoring, children are unlikely to get protection and help. So it is very important for the community to understand child abuse, the signs of abuse, and how to provide support.

Child abuse can have a negative impact on a child’s social and psychological growth. Here are some types of abuse that can occur:

  • Physical abuse – Children are abused or placed in danger
  • Sexual abuse – Doing any sexual activity with children
  • Emotional abuse – Involves verbal or emotional attacks, such as shouting, swearing, ignoring
  • Health abuse – If a child is deliberately left to get sick, it is considered health abuse, because it puts the child in danger of injury
  • Neglect – Children are not given adequate food, shelter, love, education, or medicine.

Here are some signs you can see to know that the child is being abused, among them are:

  • Children isolate themselves from friends and normal activities
  • Easy to become angry, aggressive, or hostile
  • Shows poor performance in school
  • Shows signs of depression or unusual fear, loss of confidence
  • Frequently absent from school or social activities
  • Often rebellious or fond of cheating
  • Trying to commit suicide

Signs of physical abuse

Physical abuse can be categorized into either intentionally or unintentionally wanting to injure the child involved. It can take the form of inappropriate discipline and punishment. For example: using a belt on a child. Children who are physically abused will have the following symptoms:

-Injury that is difficult to explain or with reason
-Medical medical and dental problems

Signs of sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is a complicated matter because the victim will feel guilty and ashamed. Because of this, child sexual abuse is rarely reported. It should always be remembered, sexual abuse does not mean it involves physical contact. Exposing children to sexual situations and content is also considered sexual abuse. Here are some signs of sexual abuse:

-Having inappropriate sexual behavior
-Pregnant or having a sexually transmitted problem
-Having problems with genitals, such as pain or having trouble walking or sitting
-There are traces of blood on the underwear

Signs of emotional abuse

Emotional abuse can affect a child’s mental health and social development, leaving scars on the entire psychological life. While emotional abuse may not show any physical symptoms, here are some signs you may notice:

-Loss of self-confidence or self-esteem
-Experience depression or anxiety
-The headache or abdominal pain is significant and inexplicable
-Separate from social activities, friends, or parents
-Desperate to find attention and love
-Developed emotional development
-Frequently absent from school or a decrease in school performance, loss of interest
-Avoid certain situations
-Lost existing development skills

Signs of neglect

The problem of child neglect is difficult to identify. This neglect is the failure to provide protection to children. Parents or adult individuals may not be able to provide protection due to disability, health problems such as depression, or serious injury. Here are some signs of child neglect:

-Children are indifferent
-Problems of personal hygiene
– Growth problems; weight and height
-Lack of physical needs such as clothing
-Theft of food or money
-Performance declines in school
-Lack of care from medical and-psychological aspects
-Eat a lot or often hiding food
-Emotional disorders; easily angered and frustrated
-Excessive weight loss

There are times, signs of child abuse can be seen in parents and teachers. Such as:

-Allows physical discipline and encourages other individuals to do the same
-Ignore children’s physical or mental discomfort
-Provide illogical reasons related to child injuries
-Preparing the child for every mistake, cursing, and using negative calls or terms
-Want attention and care from children, and become jealous when the child involved exaggerates other individuals
-Denying all problems that exist at school or at home, or blaming the child for the problems that exist
-Claiming inappropriate level of physical or academic performance
-Limit the association or relationship of children with other individuals

If you find that your child or other children are beginning to show the above symptoms, it is best for you to seek help and support from other individuals, such as a doctor or police officer as soon as possible.

Source: HelloDoktor

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