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Remembering The Late Abam Bocey, Achey’s Wife Reveal The Story Behind Bocey’s Friendship

It has been one full year later after the beloved late Abam Bocey that is one of the most famous comedians from the Bocey group has left us all. The specific date of his passing away would be on the 10th of February 2020.

Remembering the moment with the late Abam Bocey, Achey’s wife named Anne has recently revealed the story behind the true friendship of the three friends namely Achey, Fad, and the late Abam through her Instagram page.

According to the Instagram posting, she wrote: “Al-Fatihah bam…I rarely write long stories. Talking about the story of Bocey’s journey. I am one of the witnesses to their difficulties, challenges, twists and struggles, and friendship”.

Anne also shares the story at the beginning of their acquaintance, where she is very thankful that Fad and the late Abam are willing to accept her husband Achey in their group despite her marital status.

“I still remember the beginning of their public appearance. They wanted to be in the hearts of fans. Thankfully Fad and Abam can accept Achey even though he is already married. At that time, I thought that single people usually comfortable to be friends with bachelors only. I was wrong when the bond that Allah created between them is very strong”.

“Both of them treated me like their siblings,” he added.

Other than that, Anne also said that at the beginning of their appearance as a Bocey group, only she, Ali Puteh, and also Angah Rosdi were the loyal supporters of the group because no one knew about them yet.

“The first week of the first day of ‘Maharaja Lawak Mega’. I still remember. All three of them are literally shaking because they are so scared to be on the big stage. At that time, only me, Ali Puteh, and Angah Rosdi are their loyal supporters. All of us just do what we can to be their supporters even though many Bocey supporter seats are empty. We don’t even care. We will scream supportively for their spirit”.

“But I was wrong. Every comedy they did that night became a happy tear for me. This is because every punch line that they delivered makes all the people in MBSA laugh as well. Everyone likes Bocey. Now, many people want to watch them”.

After years of seeing their hardships, likes, and dislikes of the Bocey group, Anne was amazed and jealous of the friendship they had built together.

“From there I began to see that they put a great bond between them to be together anywhere. By bringing the spirit of earning a living at the highest level that they want. Even I sometimes as the wife of Achey got jealous of how close they are. But I know it is not about love between them. But a love everything related to them,” added Anne.

Picture: Google

We also miss the joy and happiness that the late Abam brought towards other people. May he be placed among the believers.

Sources: Instagram Anne Achey.

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