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Restriction of All Posts And Links By Australian News Pages Lead To Australians Boycotting Facebook



On the 18th of February 2021, Facebook bans Australian news outlets on its platform, restricts people in Australia from accessing news. Because of that, every people and also publishers in Australia can no longer share and view news in the country either.

The ban by the social media giant came shortly after the Australian House of Representatives passed proposed media bargaining laws that will require social media companies to pay their media outlets for using their content. The bill is expected to pass the Senate and become law as early as later this month.

Picture: Google

While Facebook went through with its ban, Google has agreed to pay Australian news outlet that is the ‘Nine Entertainment Co’ more than A$30 million annually for the use of its news content. ‘Nine Entertainment Co’ is actually Australia’s largest domestic media company that owns ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ and also ‘The Age’. Other than that, Google has also agreed to pay two other Australian media outlets for the use of their news content.

The managing director of Facebook in Australia and New Zealand wrote in an open letter that the proposed law by the government ‘fundamentally misunderstands’ the relationship of Facebook’s platform and also publishers using it to share news content. It also stated “It has left us facing a stark choice: attempt to comply with a law that ignores the realities of this relationship or stop allowing news content on our services in Australia. With a heavy heart, we are choosing the latter”.

Australians using Facebook to connect with friends and family, grow their businesses, and join communities will not be affected by the change. Easton also added that he hoped for the Australian government to recognize the value that the platform already provides, and to work with them rather than limit our partnerships with publishers.

On Twitter, hashtag #DeleteFacebook has also been trending in the country:

Sources: Financial Times, The Hindu Business Line, CNN News, Tanya Selak, Lisa Davies, Dawnofthedinos.


Kelantan Kite-Makers Continue To Receive Orders Despite Pandemic



KOTA BHARU, July 30 — The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop a group of youths in Kampung Sireh here from pursuing their interest in making wau, a traditional kite widely found in Kelantan.

A check by Bernama at Kampung Sireh Flats found that  about seven to 10 youths were producing ‘wau puyuh’ (quail kite) or Wau Kelantan ordered by their customers.

According the group’s head, Muhd Nasru Aiman Mohd Zu, 31, they would continue producing wau puyuh even during the pandemic due to steady orders, and they did not want the traditional art to die out.

Even though it is seen as an old-fashioned craft compared to the modern gadgets, it still has its own fans, he told reporters when met here today.

“Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), there are still young people in this area who are keen to learn how to make these traditional kites.

“Previously, we only made kites for competitions, but now the demand for giant-sized kites as decorative pieces is increasing,” he said, adding that they learned the kite-making skills from his 61-year-old father, Mohd Zu Man.

Muhd Nasru Aiman said despite the economic slowdown, they continued to receive four to five orders a month for a kite and each piece of giant-sized kite could be sold at the price of RM350.

He said the giant-sized kite needs more than five adult men to fly it.

Sources: BERNAMA

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Food Review: Great Snack To Be Eaten All The Time, Hot-Selling ‘Tottila Chips’



Recently, there is a particular brand new snack that has been consistently gaining its own fan little by little. The snack that got mentioned was actually the ‘Tottila Chips’ and many people say that it is dangerously addictive. According to the reviews, ‘Tottila Chips’ is the ultimate snack experience for lovers of tortilla chips, cheese, spices and also everything in between.

It is definitely a crispy cheesy premium tortilla chips with extraordinary spices. The ingredients used to make this highly favored ‘Tottila Chips’ would be Tortilla Chips, Cheese Powder and also Seaweed. It is also got labelled as a premium product with affordable price.

Picture: Twitter Tottila.My

This deliciously tasting ‘Tottila Chips’ is now available at many places such as online shopping platforms like Shopee, Lazada, and many others. It could also be bought from their own official agent located all over Malaysia.

Price: RM16.90 per bottle.

Sources: Twitter Tottila.My.

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Lazarus & Joannes Baptista, A True Story of The ‘Conjoined Colloredo Brothers’



Lazarus Colloredo and also Joannes Baptista Colloredo were actually Italian conjoined twins who toured freak shows in 17th-century Europe. They were born in Genoa, Italy. The upper body and the left leg of Joannes Baptista stuck out of his mobile brother that is Lazarus. He did not speak at all, kept his eyes closed and mouth open all the time.

Lazarus toured Europe exhibiting his brother. The upper body of Baptista and his left leg stuck out of his mobile brother Lazarus. According to a later account by Copenhagen anatomist Thomas Bartholinus, if someone pushed the breast of Joannes Baptista, he would move his hands, ears, and lips. The parasitic twins Lazarus and John Baptista Colloredo were apparently on tour in ‘many parts of Christendom’ and even Turkey for the better part of ten years.

Contemporary accounts described Lazarus as courteous, handsome, and intelligent, whose deportment was always that of a gentleman. When Lazarus was not exhibiting himself, he covered his brother with his cloak to avoid unnecessary attention. He employed two assistants as well-dressed as himself, one of whom would sound a trumpet to indicate the start of the viewing, the other to collect money from spectators.

While in France, Lazarus was accosted by a drunken man, who grew abusive and violent. Lazarus defended himself, apparently by cracking a bottle of wine over the man’s head. The offended succumbed to his injuries and Lazarus was placed on trial for murder, a capital crime. Although a case of self-defense was raised, the court refused the petition. The dead man had no weapon and Lazarus used the bottle to strike him and a death sentence was pronounced. It was then that a greater question arose. If Lazarus was put to death, it would also execute his conjoined twin. This would result in the killing of an innocent man.

Lazarus was able to produce the baptismal records dating to 1617 for himself and his brother. As one who was baptized, the court had to accept that John Baptista had a soul in the eyes of the Church and accepted the argument. Lazarus and John Baptista were freed. Later accounts claim that Lazarus married and had several children. The brothers’ exact date of death is unknown. They are last mentioned in 1646.

Sources: Italian Tribune.

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