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“5 Lessons I Learned As A Mother” – Zuraida Shahime

As a mother, there would always be good days and also bad days when they are dealing with their own children. It would never be such a smooth journey for any mothers especially new mothers. There are many things that they could learn before they could be really comfortable for being a mother. In fact, learning is always a lifelong process and it is completely normal if mothers always have something that they need to upgrade with their technique.

This is what has been shared by an individual named Zuraida Shahime in her TikTok video. In the video, she had personally shared 5 lessons that she learned as a  mother throughout her life.

@zuraida.shahime5 lessons I learned as a mother. ##tiktokmalaysia ##speechperak ##rizaloptometris ##TikTokGuru ##learnontiktok♬ original sound – Zuraida Shahime

According to the TikTok video, these are the 5 things that she learned as a mother:

1) Do Not Ever Give Up With Your Children

As a mother, you will need to have a strong courage and a mind set saying that you never have to give up in your life. For example, if you have to teach your children over and over again about a particular subject, please do so and never lose hope towards your children. You are the only person who know the potential and effort that your own children have.

2) Say Only Good Words Towards Your Children

Do not sabotage you children’s life by familiarizing them with swear words and negative connotations since their little children.

3) Teach Your Children Manners Before ABC

It is easier to teach your children manner when they are little compared than when they have already grown up. This is because, as your children get older, parents hardly could change their manners and attitudes because they have become used to behave that way.

4) Parents Should Provide Emotional Support And Also Listen To Your Children’s Feelings As Well

Parents would not just to provide their children with physical stuff such as clothes, foods and shelters. They also need to provide them with spiritual knowledge and also emotional support for them to become a well-rounded person. Other than that, parents also have to listen to their children so that they know they always have someone to lean on when they are having some troubles.

5) Teach Your Children To Make Decision On Their Own

Parents should not decide everything for their children. They should train their children to be open-minded and try to make the decision in their own. By doing this, the children can try to be a leader for themselves and also a leader for other people in the future.

Sources: TikTok Zuraida Shahime.

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