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“I Built 16 Houses For 16 Zulus Families” – Ustaz Ebit Lew

Ustaz Ebit Lew has taken his charity works to an international level. This time around, Ustaz Ebit Lew generously has built homes for 16 Zulu families in South Africa. Because of that, the suffering in a total of all the 16 ethnic Zulu families in South Africa who were forced to sleep on the ground after their homes burned down come to an end.

Ustaz Ebit Lew has taken the great news on his official Facebook post today informed, he was shocked to see the test that befell the family.

According to the Facebook post, “It’s heartbreaking to see how they are tested. I will build 16 houses for 16 Zulu families. These families had their huts/small houses burnt down. They sleep on the ground. Some of their lives are just too hard. It’s saddening. I immediately bought the necessary items for the construction such as doors, windows, zinc, and many others”. He also added, “They were shocked when I said I would help them rebuild these 16 houses. They were overjoyed”.

Ustaz Ebit Lew said he did not expect at all that while other people were sleeping soundly, there were still people carrying their children to sleep by the roadside on the ground. He ends his Facebook post by saying, “May this be a cause for goodness”.

Sources: Facebook Ebit Lew.

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