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NASA Reveals Details of The First Flight On Mars



NASA’s Perseverance is gearing up to release the Ingenuity helicopter that will conduct the first controlled flights on Mars. NASA is targeting no earlier than April 8 for this event. Ingenuity will fly nine feet into the air, hover in place for 30 seconds before landing.

The deployment of Ingenuity from the belly of Perseverance will take about six sols to complete. From there the rotor copter will have to meet a series of milestones before attempting its first flight.

Perseverance is currently trekking to the first airfield on another planet, which is a 33-by-33-foot piece of Martian real estate, and once it reaches the targeted area, the rover will release the four-pound rotorcraft from its belly. It will first spend up to 60 days charging to the Perseverance rover, before release. If it survives the hard -90C Martian night, NASA will make the first flight attempt within 30 days.

If the rotorcraft lands successfully and remains operable, up to four more flights could be attempted.

Farah Alibay, Mars Helicopter integration lead for the Perseverance rover, said: ‘Most of all I think of it [Ingenuity] as an experimental aircraft and this started with the Wright Brothers who brought aerial mobility to travel here on earth in the same way we are hoping ingenuity on Mars.’

Bob Balaram, Mars Helicopter chief engineer at JPL, said: ‘Once we cut the cord with Perseverance and drop those final five inches to the surface, we want to have our big friend drive away as quickly as possible so we can get the Sun’s rays on our solar panel and begin recharging our batteries.’

It will take about six sol, or six days and four hours Earth time, before the two separate. This involves the rover team working with Ingenuity’s operators to change the position before release.

MiMi Aung, project manager for Ingenuity Mars Helicopter at JPL, said:’ Ingenuity is an experimental engineering flight test – we want to see if we can fly at Mars.’

‘There are no science instruments on-board and no goals to obtain scientific information. We are confident that all the engineering data we want to obtain both can be done within this 30-sol window.’

Source: Daily Mail


YouTube Review: RE8 ‘Barney’ Demo Mod Is Both Hilarious And Terrifying



Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil Village is only a few days away from release and fans of the series are excited to get their hands on it and the highly meme-able Lady Dimitrescu.

For now, awaiting gamers only have the demos and trailers to look at. However, there is a new addition to the fandom’s excitement.

A modder, Marcos RC placed Barney, the Dinosaur as an enemy type in one of the demo. For the uninitiated, Barney is a 30-year-old pop culture staple debuting in Barney & Friends in 1992. It has since become one of the most iconic and beloved among children.

The purple dinosaur with a set of flat blunt teeth is shown to chase after Ethan in the video in a zombie-like fashion like the ones in the original demo in the wine cellar.

The video is both funny and terrifying as it is surreal to see the children’s show mascot in the setting of the bloody gruesome horror survival game.

Suffice to say that this will ruin your childhood memory of the friendly dinosaur.

Source: Screen Rant

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(Video) It Is Here! Disney Finally Shows Off A Working Lightsaber



In conjunction with Star Wars Day celebration yesterday, Disney revealed the first footage of its impressive working lightsaber. Its existence was announced last month but this is the first image or video available of it.

The lightsaber will be a part of the upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience at Walt Disney World Resort was released.

In the short 20-second video, the saber functions as it was described. Like the ones shown in the Star Wars universe, it has a retractable glowing blade and not the plastic props like the ones used by the actors behind the scenes. But it will not be lethal like in the movies but

In the teaser, an actress dressed as Rey lights up one of the majestic-looking lightsabers before the image fades to black, followed by a message: “See it first when Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser opens at Walt Disney World Resort 2022.”

Whether it will be available for purchase is still unknown. But still, this means our dreams to become a Jedi Master or Sith Lord are getting closer than ever.

Source: Collider, Disney Parks

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Terengganu Quran Manuscript In Digital Form At UMT



KUALA NERUS, April 28 — The Quran manuscripts from Terengganu, said to be between 100 and 200 years old, is known to be the most beautiful in Southeast Asia because of the elaborate and intricate carvings.

The manuscripts are kept at the Terengganu State Museum for display, but visitors are not allowed to touch them for fear of affecting their condition.

However, the Sultan Mahmud Islamic Centre of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu has taken the initiative to digitise the six of the Quran manuscripts  by using the ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR) technology.

Sultan Mahmud Islamic Centre director Dr Riswadi Azmi said the digitised copies of the manuscripts can now be viewed at the Cultural Heritage Digital Gallery, which was set up in December last year with the assistance of Ericsson, a telecommunication company from Sweden.

He said visitors, as well as researchers, were now able to view closely each sheet of the digitised copies of the  manuscriptsof the Quran as if looking at the real ones.

“The process of digitising the Quran manuscripts is done through the Terengganu Cultural Heritage application developed by UMT as part of an effort to attract the young people to better appreciate the valuable treasure.

“The digitisation process through AR technology allows every detail of the Quran manuscripts to be seen clearly, including the colours and decorative patterns, as well as the calligraphy of the holy Quranic verses,” he said when met by Bernama at the Digital Cultural Heritage Gallery of the Sultan Mahmud Islamic Center at UMT here.

Riswadi said he hoped that one day the digital gallery would be able to collect and digitise all the Terengganu Quran manuscripts which are now located throughout Southeast Asia.

He said based on records, there are 27 Terengganu Quran manuscripts, with eight of them kept by the Terengganu State Museum.

Seven other manuscripts are with other museums in the country, eight manuscripts are in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand; while the remaining four manuscripts are owned by individuals, he added.

On how the Quran manuscripts were produced, Riswadi, said there were 11 sultanates in Southeast Asia that produced the sacred manuscripts, including Terengganu, Sumatra, Sumbawa and Aceh.

The Quran manuscripts were produced for the purpose of study and also for use during coronation of the sultan, he said, adding that the Terengganu Sultanate produced the Quran manuscripts between 1800 and 1900.

He said the Terengganu Quran manuscripts were unique, with  the decoration on the pages painted delicately and beautifully, and illuminated with gold powder.

The use of pure gold also proved the lofty status of the Quran given by the Terengganu Sultanate, he said, adding that apart from the  gold illumination, the ingredients used to produce the colours are believed to be from high quality plants that the colours remain until today.

“For example, the red colour is produced from the senduduk tree, yellow is from turmeric and green is produced from pandan leaves.

“In fact, our study found that the age of the plants used to produce the colours also plays an important role in ensuring that the colours stay,” he said.

Apart from that, Riswadi said the calligraphy writings in the Terengganu Quran manuscripts were also produced very carefully and believed to be one of the most beautiful Quran writings in Southeast Asia.

“This shows that there were calligraphy writers among the Terengganu community at that time who were very skilled and artistic because we know that writing the Quran is not an easy job.

“There is not a single error in every letter and verse in the Terengganu Quran manuscript starting from surah al-Fatihah to surah an-Nas,” he added.


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