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Not Just Ordinary Characters, These Are The 7 Most Badass Old Men In Anime

Just mentioning anime, surely many imagine the characters looking young, stylish, or looking badass. If we look at most of the popular anime, there are definitely a lot of badass characters like Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, and many more.

Still, did you know that there are also old man characters who are arguably badass as well and are able to compete with much younger characters?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the seven most badass old man characters in the anime.

7) Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail)

Picture: Google

Not just an ordinary small old man, Makarov Dreyar is the Guild Master of the Fairy Tail Guild and one of the Ten Wizard Saints. He has the ability to turn into a giant figure to which he uses in many battles throughout the anime.

6) Hiruzen Sarutobi (Naruto)

Picture: CBR

Hiruzen Sarutobi was born into the Sarutobi ninja family. Sarutobi’s family was one of the first to settle Konoha and he was one of the earliest ninjas trained there. He was taught by the First Hokage and later became the Third Hokage. Then, he later comes out of retirement after the Fourth Hokage’s death. The most memorable battles that many Naruto fans will always remember was when he fought his former student Orochimaru and during Fourth Shinobi World War.

5) Furinji Hayato (Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)

Picture: Google

Furinji Hayato also commonly referred to as ‘The Invincible Superman’. Back when he was young, no one was safe from his recklessness and violence. Either men, women, animals, and even babies he would fight them all. Most famously, Hayato frequently recalls the time he took on 500 martial artists at one time. However, even in his 90’s, he has a strong sense of justice, viewing those that fight for justice as a great power and must have responsibility for that.

4) Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)

Picture: Dragon Ball Guru

Arguably among the popular old man characters in the anime world, of course, Master Roshi would make the list. The ‘Immortal Turtle’ was, at one point, considered to be the strongest martial artist on earth and the first to wield the Kamehameha technique. Despite his old age, he is still able to fight and among his popular scenes in Dragon Ball is when he uses Kamehameha to destroy the moon.

3) Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach)

Picture: ScreenRant

Serving as Commander of the Shinigami in Soul Society, Yamamoto is considered to be the strongest captain. Although he has an appearance of an old man, he is in peak physical condition. The prove can be seen on many scars all over his body to hint that he has fought many battles. He has a fiery temper like other captains and believes that laws must be executed for the sake of the community. He wields the Ryuujin Jakka, the strongest of all flame-type Zanpakutou.

2) Bang/Silver Fang (One Punch Man)

Picture: Google

Bang is also known by his hero alias Silver Fang. He is a professional hero, a martial arts master, and the creator and teacher of Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. Bang is an S-Class, rank 3 superheroes in the Heroes Association. In the anime, it is shown that he owns a dojo that teaches his style of fighting. He remains one of the few characters to acknowledge the main character’s power that is Saitama.

1) Edward NewGate (One Piece)

Picture: Reddit

Edward Newgate or commonly known as ‘Whitebeard’, was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and widely known as the ‘Strongest Man in the World’. Although he has some health problems, because of his advanced age, he still finds the time to drink rum right from the barrel. Whitebeard has never run from a battle and because of that, he has no scars on his back like other pirates. While being the strongest man in the world, he also has the highest active bounty whilst alive and the second-highest bounty of any pirate in history.

Source: RecommendMeAnime, Viniitube

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