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Shopee Seller Received Low Rating Just Because The Packaging ‘Too Secure’

Ever since the Control Movement Order has been commenced here in Malaysia, there are many customers who prefer to shop online rather than to buy from the physical store. When shopping online, there are many aspects that have to be considered especially by the sellers so that the order made by the customers could be delivered safely and in great condition. That is why many sellers tend to give extra protection to the parcels so that they are secure.

A lot of customers would be very pleased to get this extra careful action by the sellers as no one in this whole wide world wants a damaged parcel to be delivered to their doorstep. Strangely enough, there are people who would be disappointed just by receiving extra care on their parcel. A Twitter account named @zahIDGAF recently has shared his disappointment when a particular customer left a bad review after purchasing his chocolate snack ‘Chocorichee’.

According to the review left by the customer who bought the ‘Chocorichee’ from Zahid, the packaging of the snacks was made “too secure” by the seller which has caused the customer to lose his own mood when the customer finished opening the parcel. Because of that, the customer decided to leave Zahid a low rating that is 3 out of 5 stars.

The customer stated, “This ‘Chocorichee’ is delicious and the chocolate is also plenty but the packaging is too secure that it made me lose my mood when I unwrapped it. It is really a struggle to unwrap, my mood to eat is gone too, so..sorry”.

Nevertheless, he then tweeted saying although the particular customer had given him 3 stars for the purchase, his product rate fortunately still remains as 5-star as there are still many understanding customers out there that support his business. He also stated that he is just a little disappointed with customers who can sometimes take this rating lightly as this action may really affect the seller’s overall rating.

In the next thread of the Twitter posting, he also gives some words of advice by saying, “If the item does not meet like what you wanted such as if it is broken, lost or anything please chat the seller first. We as sellers will make every effort that we can to refund your purchases. And please do not take this rating thing so lightly”. Other than that, he also mentioned in the Twitter posting that he already forgives the particular customer if the customer ever read the tweet.

By the way, Zahid has a Shopee Shop which he uses to sell his ‘Chocorichee’ product and his Shopee Shop called Zahid Swift Shop. For those who interested, you may visit the shop on Shopee here.

Sources: Twitter Zahid, Shopee Zahid Swift Shop.

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