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Syed Saddiq Introduces ‘COOX’ To Help Food And Beverage Businesses

F&B businesses have been affected badly during this trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic. These kinds of businesses are struggling badly to stay afloat now more than ever and it can be seen that thousands of restaurants have to be closed down. Something needs to be done so that eateries and F&B businesses could survive during this constantly increasing operating costs of running a food business.

Because of that, Syed Saddiq and also his team have launched COOX that is a culinary co-working cloud kitchen that is designed to support F&B industry operators by lowering their operating costs. COOX slashes more than half of the cost needed to start up an F&B business, offering a rental of just RM2,950 – RM5,250 to operators.

COOX offers more than just space for you to run your operations as it also provides vendors with resources, connections, and also solutions to suit the needs of your business. The culinary model creates a central place for orders from all your delivery apps and tracks your financial performance in real-time so you can focus on what you do best-making great food.

COOX will handle negotiations with e-hailing and delivery platforms to ensure that operators are not troubled with high commissions. They believe that by getting all the F&B businesses on board, they will be able to act as one unit, thus lower commissions will be negotiable. You won’t have to limit your business to just deliveries either as COOX will provide both takeaway and dine-in services. They’re also looking into operating a drive-through service.

Syed Saddiq said during the media launch, “We are ready to partner with F&B operators facing business challenges and can customize revenue sharing models suited to their business circumstances”.

Sources: Facebook COOX, Twitter Syed Saddiq

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