“Once they get feeding you don’t even feel it, even with the large buffalo leeches, although the initial bite can hurt a bit,” they said.

The creature can take up to a year between meals, however, leech sellers recommend feeding larger species every three to six months. The bite healed without scarring as well, due to the anti-coagulants in the leech’s saliva. However, sometimes it takes a few days to stop the bleeding.

The ability to heal without scarring has linked humans and leeches for medicinal purposes for generations. The bites heal without scarring too, due to the anti-coagulants in the leech saliva. However, it sometimes can take a few days for bleeding to stop.

One thing for sure is anyone that is considering having leeches for pets, they’re simply literal bloodsuckers and not figurative ones. It is definitely wallet-friendly. Although some might see it odd, their medicinal benefits are undeniable.

Source: Daily Star