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This Woman Was Once Put In A ‘Freak Show Display’ By Her Grandma Due To Her Face

An unfortunate woman is living a life with an imperfect face after being the victim of a house fire when she was a baby. However, the black episode seemed to recur when her house caught fire recently.

Anya Boldyreva, 30, from the village of Zhuravka, Russia, lived in an orphanage after her house caught fire when she was just seven months old. Her grandparents then brought her to live with them.

However, her family is poor and the grandmother used to make Anya’s face to earn money.

Picture: The Sun UK

“My grandmother and I always traveled around cities. She showed my burned face to people for cash. This was our only way of making money back then,” Anya said.

Embarrassed by the situation, Anya once tried to ‘end’ her life. However, her life was not always unfortunate when she married a farmworker named Alexey.

The woman was also blessed with a daughter named Dasha who is now 11 years old. Anya said Dasha is used to seeing her burning face.

However, the couple was once again tested when their home caught fire, recently, causing them to lose some of their belongings. But, they were thankful to be safe out without any injuries.

Picture: The Sun UK

About her face, Anya said she was once offered free surgery in Moscow. However, she was unable to do so because she needed money to get to the Russian capital.

“I will soon go for a free operation in Moscow, but I need money for rehabilitation,” she said.

“A TV show promised to help me get a visa to go to the US and have an operation there, but it never happened,” added Anya.

Anya continued, she did not study to a high level and did not work because of her appearance.

“I accept the fate of not being able to work because of my appearance.”

The family is now looking for a new home in the city or larger town where they hope to be able to turn around their fortunes.

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