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(Video) Eating Matcha-Covered Ice-Cream, A Japan’s Version of The Cinnamon Challenge

Years ago, there was an internet cinnamon challenge. The challenge was to eat a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds, without drinking anything. But now, it seems that Japan has its own version. Matcha soft-serve ice-cream covered with matcha powder is trending in the country. A Tokyo dessert shop has become famous for selling the ice-cream covered with generous amounts of matcha powder that makes people choke when they eat it.

The Nagamine Tea Store in Tagata, Tokyo, has been serving its popular matcha green tea ice-cream for at least four years. People trying to take a bite of the ice-cream, only to start coughing. The powder instantly coated and dried their mouths and throats. It’s not as bad as eating a spoon of cinnamon, because the soft ice-cream reduces the dryness, but it’s still pretty bad.


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The matcha-flavored ice-cream is pretty much covered in a blanket of matcha powder. A big bite of it is guaranteed to make you choke and start to cough. It is preferred and well-mannered to take small bites or by spoon.

Many declared themselves excited to try the powdery treat. However, there were a lot of comments about the dangers of eating the ice-cream. For instance, choking or inhaling the powdered matcha and possibly developing respiratory conditions like pneumonia or collapsed lung. Despite that, it is hoped those up for the challenge still practice precaution in eating this.

Source: Oddity Central, Youtube

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