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Having Menstruation During Ramadan, Try To Do These Activities Instead

Being able to fast completely in the whole month would definitely be everybody’s target during this holy month of Ramadhan. But for sisters in Deen, it is completely understandable if they have to skip some days because of the natural cycle of menstruation that they are having every month. This might have made them feel that they could not have the chance to do anything beneficial during the month of Ramadhan but there are actually so many things that they could practice so that they do not let the blessings that they could achieve in this month waste.

The list of activities has been posted on the Facebook page named I ♥ Muhammad and they have started some of the activities for the sisters in Deen who are having menstruation in Ramadhan. Hopefully, it will benefit them all.

According to the Facebook post, the list of activities are:

  1. Say Alhamdulillah, instead of saying OMG period for its blessing because you’re getting a reward every single moment for obeying Allah’s order by not keeping fast.
  2. Start everything with ‘Bismillah’.
  3. Memorize 99 names of Allah.
  4. You may feel upset for being unable to read Qur’an but read surah Ikhlas because it’s equivalent to one-third of the Qur’an. If you recite 3 times at once, it’ll be equal to completing the whole Qur’an.
  5. Do lots of dhikir and send lots of durood upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
  6. Do istigfar – Astagfirullah!
  7. Memorize short duas with meaning [Broken Verses].
  8. Read hadiths.
  9. Listen to Quran-Tafseer or Islamic lectures.
  10. Read Qur’an’s translation in your mother-tongue.
  11. Read Biography of Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alaihiwasallam.
  12. Story of Ummul Muminin & Female Sahabiyaat or Sahaba e kiraam.
  13. Give dawah to sisters at home or outside at school or college and also share knowledge about Islam with them.
  14. Refrain from gibah & namimah for it will take all your good deeds.
  15. Learn the sunnah’s of the Prophet and revive it. For example, give salam to younger one.
  16. Teach your siblings how to do wudhu, perform salah including Taraweeh with new duas & teach them the proper way to wear hijab.
  17. Tell the kids to keep fast if they are almost 10 years old or up to that {Guide them to obey the order of Allah}.
  18. Encourage them to do good to others, teach them good manners and politeness.
  19. Cook food for the fasting people or help your mother to cook food or set the table for iftar.
  20. Give on charity even if it’s a smile or an act of kindness.
  21. Call everyone for having Sahūr.
  22. Make Niyyah please Allah in everything you do & good deeds are added in your book of deeds.

All Muslim sisters out there should definitely try to practice these activities as menstruation in Ramadhan is nothing but a blessing for all of them.

Sources: Facebook I ♥ Muhammad

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