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Man Asked For His Late Father’s Picture To Be Edited Into His Sister’s Wedding Photo

It has been the dream of all brides to be able to celebrate their happy day with their beloved parents and also other family members. However, who are we to fight the fate destined by the almighty God when the beloved father or even mother passed away first before seeing their children establish a marriage.

Recently, there has been a Twitter post that went viral about a man who has requested for his father’s face to be edited in his sister’s wedding photos because their father had passed away a few days before the wedding took place.

The man recently had sent a DM to Gal and at first, he asked Gal to change his face which was next to the bride with his father’s face. Still, Gal has added the male face next to her so that their family picture is complete on her sister’s happy day.

Many netizens also shared their tears when they saw the picture because many people said the picture looked very realistic.

Sources: Twitter Gal

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