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Netizens Are Warned About The Latest ‘Online Purchasing Agent Job Offers’ Scam

There are so many scams that have been started in Malaysia and this situation has make many people become worried as they might not realize that it is a scam when they are discussing about it. People are so desperate to get money nowadays because of the stressful situation of COVID-19 pandemic until they are quickly lured to fall into the trap of a scam. This careless action could lead to their own disaster in life when they have lost all of their money.

Recently, Cyber Crime Alert Royal Malaysia Police has posted on its official Facebook social media page warning all the netizens to be aware of the latest ‘Online Purchasing Agent Job Offers’ scam. They also explained in detail how the scam works to find their victims.


Berhati-hati dengan taktik scammer yang baru.


Posted by Cyber Crime Alert Royal Malaysia Police on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

According to the Facebook post, these are the details on how the scam works:

1) The victim accepted a WhatsApp job offer as an ‘online purchasing agent’ with a monthly salary of RM 8,000.

2) The victim is asked to press the number and WhatsApp to another number if interested.

3) The victim will then be put into another WhatsApp group to be briefed on how to work.

4) Among the offers given by the suspect:

  • 8% commission and will be paid within 10 -15 minutes after completion of the assigned task.
  • get a consolation prize of RM88 if you can complete 5 tasks.
  • get a prize if you complete 10 tasks and become a VIP member.

5) The victim was then asked to WhatsApp Lazada customer service to get an assignment.

6) Suspects disguised as service customers will provide a way to complete tasks and a list of items that need to be included in the cart.

7) The victim is required to make payment to the account provided by the suspect.

They have asked the cooperation from all of the netizens to spread the awareness to all of the people so that there would be many people who become aware of this particular scam.

Sources: Facebook Cyber Crime Alert Royal Malaysia Police.

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