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Spotting A Human Face In Washing Machine, Makes This Man Nearly Had A Heart Attack

A father, Alex Boardman nearly suffered a heart attack after discovering there was a face looking at him from the washing machine.

He then realized that the face came from his dog’s favorite David Bowie cushion.

The man said he gave a bbq chicken dish to his pet dog named Boo, before the dog vomited and soiled the cushion.

The 47 -year -old father later forgot he had put the cushion in the washing machine to be washed.

Through a tweet on Twitter, Alex shared a hilarious photo of David Bowie’s face pressed up against the clear door of the machine and surrounded by his dog’s towels.

“Forgot I’d washed the dog’s blanket and David Bowie cushion. Nearly just had a heart attack.

“The reason why it was in the wash was because that morning I’d given Boo barbecue chicken as a treat. It’d totally disagreed with her and she’d been sick all over the cushion,” said Alex.

“So whilst I was dealing with that, I needed to wash her blanket and I chucked that in there too. I’d totally forgotten about it, and then walked back into the room and it scared the life out of me,” he added.

Source: Alex Boardman, Mirror UK

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