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(Video) Disabled Seller Cries After Toys That He Sells Are Sold Out

In today’s life, we certainly see many who strive to do various types of work to meet the necessities of life. This includes people with disabilities.

Recently, a viral video on TikTok where a disabled seller was seen trying to hold back tears when all his sales items were sold out. The man was a toy seller.

@apriliatrisetyawatiiNgeditny smbil nangis lg😭bantu borong daganganny yah ##bersyukur #gerakanborongdaganganorang ##bantushare ##malang ##baksomalang##belajarbersyukur ##fyp♬ original sound – Apriliatrisetyawatii

It is understood through the video, this disabled man has modified his motorcycle into three wheels. The vehicle was later used as his main means of transportation when doing business.

Although he is a disabled person, the matter is not an obstacle for this man to earn a living for his family.

If seen in the video, this man is not only unable to walk normally but he also cannot speak or is better known as mute.

At first, the woman in this video did not know about the matter at all, however, everything was revealed when the man was calculating the price of the toys.

@apriliatrisetyawatiiLgsg ketampar rasanya kita masih sehat kadang males2an😭plis guys buat kalian area malang yukk borong yukk😭🙏🏻 ##gerakanborongdagangan ##bantushare♬ Mungkin Hari Ini Esok Atau Nanti – Anneth

The efforts shown by the disabled man have made many TikTok users feel tearful and overwhelmed.

To those who are looking for a livelihood out there, don’t you ever get discouraged in moving on with life. Make this man’s story a passion for you to move on with life.

Source: Apriliatrisetyawatii

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