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(Video) Girl Misses Seeing Her Parents, Decided To Meet At The Border of Kedah And Perlis

It is commonly known by everyone in Malaysia that cross-state travel bans are still enforced by the government. This is because to control the spread of COVID-19 infection. Of course, this is a very sad thing to be faced by anyone, especially for those who have not seen their own parents for a long time and also cannot return to their hometowns.

Just like the recent video that went viral on the TikTok app. The particular video is about a girl who displays an expression of her longing when she was able to see both of her parents at the border gate in the distance.

@ceksyaeeMoga Ramadhan kali ni diberi kekuatan dan kesabaran yang lebih🤲🏻❤️ #masukberanda #fyp #fypdongggggggggシ

♬ original sound – shaaa – broken girl 🥲

Through the posted video, it can be seen that the girl has shared her meaningful experience meeting with her parents who have been separated from her for a long time since the government enforced the cross-state travel ban. They then decided to meet at the border of Kedah and also Perlis which turned out to make many people shed tears.

According to the video also, the two parents of the girl were seen walking near the roadblocks involving Perlis and Kedah. Although only from a distance, but the meeting turned out to reduce the girl’s longing for her own parents.

Sources: TikTok ceksyaee.

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