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(Video) Indian Student Hiding To Eat By His Bed, Respecting His Friend Who Is Fasting

It is already known by everyone now that the most glorious month of Ramadan has arrived. During this particular month, many people definitely trying their best to get rewards and do a lot of worship. On contrary for non -Muslims, they are free to eat and drink as usual in restaurants and also other public places.

However, it was a whole different story with this specific posted video that went viral on the TikTok app recently. According to the video, it can be seen that an Indian male student ate while hiding out of respect for a fasting friend. The video also has attracted so much attention from netizens.

@apek_zulsatu satunya indian memang respect orang lain…makan siap menyorok…be like##sahabat

♬ Harapan Ramadan (with Man Bai) – Raihan

Through the video, an Indian male student was seen eating by his bed while facing the wall. He did that out of respect for his roommate who was fasting. The situation was recorded by one of his roommates who then teased him and said he was not fasting while being greeted with laughter. His action was praised by many because he was good at respecting people who were fasting.

Meanwhile, looking at the comments section found that many netizens gave positive words for the Indian student. In fact, some even shared their similar experiences with non -Muslim friends who also respect the fasting month.

Picture: TikTok apek_zul

Picture: TikTok apek_zul

Sources: TikTok apek_zul.

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