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(Video) “Surprise!” – Ayda Jebat Announced That She Is Officially Pregnant

Recently, there is actually more and more great news being revealed to society. One of them is from Ayda Jebat and also her husband, Nabil Mahir. After waiting almost five months of getting married, the wait is finally over when actress Ayda Jebat is confirmed to be pregnant. The good news has already been shared by Ayda Jebat herself on her Instagram page on the 28th of April 2021.

Ayda Jebat has shared the particular happy moment in the form of a video which at the same time, she also made a surprise to Nabil Mahir about the happy news.


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A post shared by Ayda Jebat (@aydajebat)

According to the Instagram post that stated, “Assalamualaikum, Bismillah. Insyaallah our junior is coming. Pray everything that is beautiful for us. Amen”. Nabil seemed to be so happy with the news that he is speechless.

Their reaction also got the attention of the fans and they were all happy over the news.

Picture: Instagram Ayda Jebat

Picture: Instagram Ayda Jebat

Sources: Instagram Ayda Jebat

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