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(Video) Surprising But Funny, Teacher Finds A Cute Cat In A Student’s Bag

As school students who have spent a lot of their learning time at their own home during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, there must definitely be something that they are used to be having around when they are having their classes. Since the school got reopened recently, these school students have to come to school and left behind all the things that are not important at home so that they could be fully focused on the lesson being taught.

For some students, they might be so close to something up until that they would do something unexpected just to be with the things that they love the most. That is probably what happened to this particular student who unexpectedly brought something inside the school bag. That thing really surprised all the teachers when they discovered the thing inside the bag brought by the student.

@isfiefaraulahBudak bawak kucing ke sekolah..cikgu pening♬ original sound – Khairultbh

The video has gone viral throughout TikTok app after it got posted by an account that goes by the name Isfie. According to the video, it can be seen that the student brought a cat from her home to school as the teacher was teaching about animals on that specific day. The teachers there got really surprised by the student’s actions.

The teacher then decided to bring the cat in the bag into the teacher’s room so that they could take care of it while the student was having a lesson in the class and would not get distracted by it. They are also amazed at how the cat is being groomed beautifully just to be brought to the school. The cat was given food by the teacher and taken care of.

Looking at the comment section, many netizens really surprised with the student’s action to bring a cat to the school. Some of them also even said that the student has realized one of the dreams that many of them have been dreaming of doing at school. That is, to bring their pet cat into the school.

Picture: TikTok Isfie

Picture: TikTok Isfie

Sources: TikTok Isfie.

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