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Why Do High Class Restaurants Serve Such Mall Portions Yet So Expensive?

While most of us prefer to get full on RM7  at the mamak or tomyam restaurant, some prefers to have their ultimate dining experience at the cost of RM300 per person (probably). But the question is, how can fine dining be so expensive. Here are the reasons.

1. Plating

Picture: Masterchef Australia

Studies showed that most people spend 10-12 minutes at restaurants and cafes for pictures. The more attractive or unconventional the plating, the longer the duration. All of fine dining restaurants offers unique plating in each meal. Some to the point of absurdity. Like who serves desert with slippers?  However, this does appeal to some. There is definitely art in food, the plate is the canvas and the artists are the chefs. Customers are tasting the “story” of the flavours behind the food.
Small portions make it easier for the chef to create interesting plating. A good example would be Masterchef’s Reynold Poernomo who created desserts too beautiful to eat in the reality tv show. He impressed the judges multiple times with plating and taste to boot. Proper research work on aesthetics, art, design in context to the particular menu. Small portions also provide enough space on the “canvas” to make the dish look visually more appealing.

2. Cost

Picture: Elle Hughes

Luxury restaurant mostly source ingredients from various places that increases the production cost. As a result, affects the price of the dish. The different combination of flavours from different areas are part of the chef’s expertise. A good combination means the chef did an excellent job. The dish would be more affordable in small portions. Even the richest billionaire would find a full portion fine dining dish to be affordable.

3. Taste spectrum

Picture: Business Insider

While most of the restaurants offer 3 or 4-course meals, luxury or high-end restaurants start at 3 and take it up to double figures. Some might even get up to 30 dishes. The small portions help the guests to enjoy the full spectrum of tastes that are on offer. According to a study, small portions excite the guests to try the meal and understand the nuances and it also makes the meal more memorable.

4. Less is more

Picture: Lifestyle Asia

Ever heard the concept saying “good thing comes in small packages”. Fine dining use it to the fullest. A full plate might be filling but the focus here is the art itself. The combination of cost and art creates this small portioned food. Combined with the social media focused world, the “presentation” will market itself.
Also there is the psychology that when something is expensive, it must be good.

The idea of fine dining might be not for everyone. And we are not discounting the skills and effort food connoisseurs go through to create the ultimate gastronomical experience. But if you can afford it, you might give it a try.

Source: Sisi Terang, Times of India

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