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Your Product Got Infringed On Shopee? Here’s How You Can Deal With It

Infringement in any form can cost small businesses that just started to expand their own businesses a fortune, even if it is being done accidentally. Intellectual property (IP) rights are not always on top of people’s minds when they are trying to run a particular business. They are actually a serious matter, and failure to respect them could have financial consequences for the business, whether the violation was intentional or not. An IP violation could open any business up to lawsuits and potentially have a big price tag.

There are actually several kinds of intellectual property that business owners need to understand. This is to avoid accidentally infringing upon someone else’s rights. Types of intellectual property would be:

  • Trademark Infringement: Unauthorized use of any trademark, trade name, or trade dress in which another party has rights, or any element confusingly similar to such trademark, trade name, or trade dress, in relation to a listed product, it’s packaging, or the product listing.
  • Copyright Infringement: Unauthorized use of copyright-protected content, such as images and descriptions, in relation to a listed product, it is packaging or the product listing.
  • Industrial Design Infringement: Unauthorized use of a registered design, or a design substantially similar to a registered design, in relation to a listed product.
  • Patent Infringement: Unauthorized use of a patented invention in relation to a listed product.

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How To File Notice Of Infringement Through Shopee:

1) Complete the form at this IPR Form.

2) Shopee will consider each Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) complaint seriously and work collaboratively with the IP owner or its authorized agent.

3) In order to assist in protecting seller’s rights, Shopee would require sufficient and valid supporting documentation that prove the existence and ownership of the claimed rights in the relevant jurisdiction and that the specific listings complained of constitute or contain an infringement of the said rights.

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Samples Of Documents Required For Shopee To Assess The Complaint:

1) Letter of authorization.

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2) Trademark certificate

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Sources: Shopee

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