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YouTube Review: Austin Davis, Man That Eats Only Mac And Cheese All His Life

We as normal human beings need to balance our diet by eating various types of food so that we are always in a healthy state.

Undoubtedly, there are definitely some foods that we like the most. Still, even though the food is our favorite food, surely we won’t enjoy it every day right?

The situation is quite different with 22 -year -old American Austin Davis where he has only enjoyed Mac and Cheese for the rest of his life.

Davis, who lives in Keystone Heights near Gainesville with his grandparents, has eaten nothing but macaroni and cheese. But for Austin Davis, he went for his favorite brand, the original Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Sometimes, he would choose Kraft Deluxe or Annie’s. Bob Evans if the supply of his favorite brand has run out.

“I don’t want to say I’m addicted to mac and cheese, because it sounds so weird. But my body won’t let me eat anything else. I didn’t choose to be like this,” said Davis.

Davis is said to suffer from a selective eating disorder known as avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder. It is a mental state in which new foods can trigger negative physical reactions.

The conditions Davis faced are often associated with traumatic events. He explained that when he was a child, he was removed from his home by the Department of Children and Families and diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being physically abused by his father.

He says that the disorder has a negative impact on his social life. He did not eat and maintained friendships with only a few people. But, he wants that to change.

“It’s weird for me to think of eating anything that’s not yellow,” he said.

Davis is actually tired of eating the same food every day and sometimes he does try to eat other foods. However, his body will reject the food even if he thinks it tastes good.

“As soon as it enters my mouth it’s like a sensory overload. Even if I like what I’m trying, I’ll have an involuntary gag,” Davis continued.

Davis knew it was not good for his health and had sought help in the past but said he was having trouble finding a therapist who understood his disorder and would accept his problem.

But now, he drives 90 minutes to visit a therapist named Asley McHan. It is believed that finding a new therapist has given him hope that he can finally overcome his hatred of different foods.

“It’s exciting thinking I could get to a point where I’m able to try new foods and possibly like them and enjoy them. It’s a stepping stone to being able to do the things I want to do, easier,” added Davis.

Source: VICE, Orlando Sentinel, Tampa Bay Times

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