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YouTube Review: ‘When I’ve Wanted To Die’, A Look Into Depression

Actor and YouTuber Anna Akana make videos discussing issues like mental health and lifestyle. Some of you might know her from her brief cameo at the end of Ant-Man. With 2.8 million subscribers, she is one of the best YouTubers. Her videos are mostly filled with advice about life from her own experience and experts along with adorable animation.

However, one of her videos with the title When I’ve Wanted To Die, has a darker and deeper meaning. If you can’t tell from the title, this video is a dramatization of a dark time in her life. Anna Akana dealt with depression, the loss of her sister to suicide, and her self-harm.

The video might not fully reflect her childhood and teenage years, but it portrays how she gets to where she is now – who she was.

In this video, she showed that depression is something hidden and subtle. There are parts that show Anna, toying with the idea of slitting her wrist, look at the bottom of a bridge, dealing with bullies and tumultuous relationship with her parents.

But it’s not all sadness and tears. Through this video, Anna is encouraging people to keep on living. She told the story of her grandmother who almost succumbed to suicide. But decided to stay.

“You know, Anna Kay. When it comes to death… Why rush? We all get there sooner or later.” – When I’ve Wanted to Die

Anna also showed the beautiful possibilities of the future that one could miss because of depression. She urges everyone who is in this situation to stay strong. There is always a rainbow after the rain.

Source: Anna Akana

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