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Always Got Confused Between LRT And MRT, These Are The Differences To Know

LRT is known as Light Rail Transit while MRT is known as Mass Rapid Transit. The Light Rail Transit system travels at a high speed, but its operational limits are restricted to the confines of the city while the other one called as Mass Rapid Transit system boasts an enhanced speed level that permits the trains to cover greater ground. Both LRT and MRT are rapid transportation systems created with the objective of easing the commuting process in Malaysia.

LRT covers the area lying within the domains of the city, while MRT is used to facilitate travel for those traveling outside the city limits. People usually got confused between these two because there are quite similar but they are actually not. These are some of the differences that could be extinguished between LRT and also MRT.

Picture: MRT Corp

Operational Zones LRT operates within the confined limits of the city. MRT trains enable travel from the city areas to the zones outside the city limits.
Full-Form The full form of LRT is Light Rail Transit. The full form of MRT is Mass Rapid Transit.
Speed LRT trains are slower than MRT carriages. The MRT system is faster than the LRT system.
Length LRT system trains comprise 2-4 cars each. MRT system trains comprise 6 cars each.
Routes of Operation LRT has more operational routes. MRT has fewer operational routes.
Number of Commuters Commutes about 600 passengers in a single trip. Commutes about 1,950 passengers in a single trip.
Tracks Elevated tracks to ease level crossing conflicts. Underground tracks to avoid level crossings.

Sources: myrapid, MRT Corp.

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