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Did You Know? These Are 7 Different Types of Sneakers That You Can Get

Sneakers are probably the ultimate go-to when it comes to footwear because of the many different types of sneakers that you can choose from. Apart from being comfortable, sneakers are considered as being ‘friendly shoes’. Moreover, most people on the streets are often sporting this type of footwear as well. The reason why sneakers are so loved is that they are available in different styles and forms, and are trendy, comfortable, and affordable. There are also some obsessed individuals that collect famous sneakers that get added to their sneaker collections.

Believe it or not, there are many types of sneakers available that can be worn on different occasions with different types of clothing. Whether you want to dress up your outfit with limited-edition sneakers or stay low-key, casual with the infamous white sneakers, this foot apparel can be your ultimate and reliable go-to.

Picture: The Exeter Daily

These are 7 different types of sneakers:

1) Basic Sneakers

These are your Converse, Vans, and many other types. Sometimes they come in leather, but they’re typically found in canvas and in basic colors. On the whole, they’re generally affordable, easy to wear and clean, and also work well with just about anything. They might not be the most comfortable, however.

2) Refined Luxury Sneakers

They might bear a resemblance to your basic plimsolls, but they’re more expensive and often made from suede or leather by brands like Tom Ford, Lanvin & Saint Laurent. These are not something you’d take to a music festival.

3) Classic Sports Sneakers

Your Nike Air Max, Reebok Pump, Asics Gel-Lyte, and other forms of old-school sporting greatness. What was once ready for the track and field is now kept safely in a shoe collection at home.

4) Modern Sport Sneakers

Again, these are your Nike, Adidas, and Puma-tier brands, but with modern styling and shapes. As a rule, it’s harder to pull off modern sports sneakers than it is to pull off classic styles.

5) Hiking / Trail Sneakers

As the name implies, these shoes were designed with technical activities in mind, but are fast finding a place in mainstream fashion. Think Salomon, La Sportiva or Keen. Not the easiest to style.

6) High-fashion Sneakers

These are the work of brands like Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, Maison Martin Margiela, Diemme, and even Giuseppe Zanotti. They’re loud and designed to be noticed.

7) Luxury Techwear

This is the category for the likes of Rick Owens and other designers who are really pushing the limits of sneaker design. Blending technical sneakers, high fashion as well as their own unique aesthetic, are real statement pieces.

Sources: DMARGE

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