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Help To Save Palestinian Lives, These Are 17 Legit Accounts For Palestinian Donations

Nowadays, there are so many initiatives that can be taken by many people in this whole wide world to assist and also to channel their own contributions as well as safeguard the welfare and human rights of the Palestinian people. This is because the Palestinian people are actually in need of much helps that they could get so that their life could be saved from the challenging times that they are having at the moment in Palestine.

One of the much-needed help that could help the Palestinian people would be in form of money donated through all of the Palestinian funds that have been organized here in Malaysia. Worry not, because they are many trustworthy Palestinian funds that always strive to ensure that every ringgit donated by Malaysians and the world community in general not only reaches but all the aid can be utilized as much as possible in Palestine.

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These are 17 legit and trustworthy accounts for Palestinian funds:

  1. Cinta Gaza Malaysia – CGM
  2. Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia
  3. MAPIM: Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization
  4. Malaysia for Syria
  5. Iman Care
  6. Al Azhar Care
  7. Murtadha Dakwah Centre
  8. Serantau Muslim
  9. Cinta Syria Malaysia – CSM
  10. MyFundAction Billplz
  11. Launchgood
  12. Muslim Volunteer Malaysia – MVM
  13. Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia / Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM)
  14. Amal Hope (Maybank: 574276529454)
  16. Persatuan Gerak Wanita Islam Malaysia (Bank Islam : 1421 00100 11768)
  17. MizzNina dan Noh Salleh – Min Qalby Foundation

Sources: TikTok Hazwani Helmi, Twitter Hazwani Helmi.

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