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Thanks To Quarantine And Nicki Minaj, Crocs Sales Are Surging To Its Glory Again

The bulky, rubbery clogs have remained a divisive fashion piece for the past two decades. The supportive shoes have also become a staple for many healthcare workers who spend long hours on their feet. And now the ugly-fashion icon is emerging as a pandemic Cinderella story. Before, the Crocs brand was working to regain its footing after it nearly declared bankruptcy.

Yet, Crocs has also been launching celebrity collaborations with Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Priyanka Chopra, and Bad Bunny that have made them popular among Gen Z shoppers. The company just reported record first-quarter revenue in April. Rapper Nicki Minaj returned to social media after a five-month hiatus on Monday afternoon wearing a hot pink bedazzled pair, which led searches for “pink Crocs” to begin spiking on Google.

Picture: Style Cracker

Crocs remain one of fashion’s most controversial styles. But quarantine lets people love their Crocs in peace. Celebrity stylist and TV personality Phillip Bloch told MarketWatch, “You don’t have to hide your shame because you’re hiding at home”. He then admits he owns a pair of gold-painted Crocs that he loves. Comfort is king. Coronavirus comfort couture is where it’s at as suits are gone, and tracksuits are in.

Back to Nicki Minaj, she has recently posted a photo of her wearing Crocs with bedazzled Jibbitz, shoe charms for her Crocs, that particularly stood out. Among the lustrous designs were multiple Chanel double-C logos, which matched the Chanel designs of the office setting. After she posted her Instagram photos, the Crocs website reportedly crashed.

Sources: NYPost, DailyMail, Crocs, Instagram Nicki Minaj.

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