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(Video) Hotel Transylvania 4 Is Here With Some Fun Facts From The Previous Movie

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania also known as Hotel Transylvania 4 is actually an upcoming American computer-animated fantasy comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation. Intended to be the fourth and final installment in the Hotel Transylvania franchise and the sequel to Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation in 2018, it is directed by Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon from a screenplay by Amos Vernon, Nunzio Randazzo, and Genndy Tartakovsky.

Little did people know that there are actually so many amazing and interesting facts that can be obtained by the previous release of Hotel Transylvania 1, 2, and 3. Some of it could not be noticed in the movies but worry not as we have taken the responsibility to expose them all out here in this article.

Hotel Transylvania 1

  1. Hotel Transylvania caters to all monsters like Frankenstein, the mummy, skeletons, and werewolves.
  2. A favorite meal on the menu for monsters is devilled lizard eggs and worm cakes. No matter how much syrup you put on your worm cakes, you will always taste the worms.
  3. Monsters are just as scared of us as we are of them. No humans are allowed at Hotel Transylvania.
  4. Forget doorbells! Hotel Transylvania uses shrunken talking heads instead, though they have big personalities.
  5. Hotel Transylvania’s phone number is unlisted because they only take calls from the dead.

Hotel Transylvania 2

  1. ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ takes place 7 years after the first movie: Drac is now 539, Mavis is 125, and Johnny 28.
  2. Vlad’s head is shaped like a coffin
  3. The production team initially thought Vlad should inhabit an old-school castle, in other words, a classic foreboding location right out of a vampire movie from the twentieth century, before deciding to have him live in a cave instead to show how secluded he’s become.
  4. There is a muscular structure rig underneath the skin of the cronies so you can see their arm and abdominal muscles when they move.
  5. The original ‘Hotel Transylvania’ still holds the record for the highest opening movie during September in the U.S. with $42.5M in 2012.

Hotel Transylvania 3

  1. Love is tricky. Drac’s new love interest, Captain Ericka, turns out to be a descendant of his biggest enemy: Abraham Van Helsing! The cruise was set up as a trap to take out the Count and his monster friends! 
  2. The movie was all about authenticity. The town that housed the Hotel Transylvania was based on Wallachia, the town where the real Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, was born. In the first film, Mavis’s mother, Martha, was killed by a mob in 1895, and the hotel was opened in 1898. Bram Stoker wrote the book ‘Dracula’ in 1896, and it was released in 1897.
  3. All three movies draw heavily on the actors to shape the characters’ personalities. Mavis was drawn to resemble Selena Gomez, and Andy Samberg, who plays Jonathan, Mavis’ husband, says he based the easy-going character on his Bay Area friends.
  4. Dracula gets a new spin in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.
  5. The original ‘Hotel Transylvania’, released on Sept 28, 2012, (which also happened to be World Rabies Day).

Sources: KZone, Inquirer.Net, TownleyGirl.

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