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YouTube Review: Ariana Grande Runs Pop Music And These Are Her 5 Best Songs

Ariana Grande is undeniably one of the best American singers and actresses. She has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including two Grammy Awards, one Brit Award, two Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards, nine MTV Video Music Awards, and 22 Guinness World Records. She clearly has been serving bops music back to back in the pop music category. Her songs usually loved by many people in this whole wide world right after she released them. Grande began her career at age 15 in the 2008 Broadway musical.

She rose to fame for her role as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television series Victorious in the year 2010 until 2013 and also Sam & Cat from the year 2013 to 2014. She subsequently signed with Republic Records in the year 2011 after the label’s executives discovered YouTube videos of her covering songs. Her own 1950s doo-wop influenced pop and R&B debut album named Yours Truly in the year of 2013 has topped the US Billboard 200 chart. These are 5 best songs from Ariana Grande:

1) 7 Rings

‘7 rings’ was even more successful than what was already an absolutely massive smash hit. The song has since become Ariana’s definite signature track. The song has been streamed over 1.3 billion times on Spotify alone as of the time of this writing. That’s on just one platform. Without a doubt, this is Ariana’s biggest hit, and only time will tell if she can ever craft a song that will top this one in terms of popularity.

2) Thank U, Next

‘thank u, next’ is one of Ariana’s signature songs and launched the singer’s career into the next stratosphere. An ode to all of the very public exes that Ariana has had through the years, the song was a hit upon day one, smashing first-day streaming records left and right. The song’s lyrics caught the interest of both fans and casual listeners right away, and the song’s iconic music video only added to the song’s momentum, making it one of the biggest streaming hits of all time.

3) Side To Side

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, who describe themselves as ‘sisters’, have collaborated several times throughout the years. The most successful of these collaborations is without a doubt ‘Side To Side’, off of Dangerous Woman. The track combines sexuality and humor in a very clever way that was a quick hit among the public. Top that with an infectious beat and two international stars, and you have a song that is made to be a hit. Considering it smashed tons of records along the way, it certainly did its job.

4) No Tears Left To Cry

The debut single from Grande’s sweetener was ‘no tears left to cry’, a pop banger with an incredibly visually stimulating music video. The song would go on to set the tone for Ariana’s most experimental project to date. The song may have eventually been eclipsed by its follow-up ‘God is a Woman’ in terms of popularity.

5) Bang Bang

‘Bang Bang’ was Ariana Grande’s collaboration with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, the latter of which the singer went on to have a strong professional and personal relationship. The collaboration, which appeared on the singer’s second album, was incredibly high-profile and debuted within the top 10 of the Billboard charts upon release. This isn’t the only collaboration with Nicki Minaj on this list, however.

Sources: YouTube Ariana Grande.

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