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Food Review: Spicy Burger In Malaysia Trend Alert! These Are 4 Spicy Burgers From Fast-Food Chain

Spicy food has become such a familiar thing with so many Malaysians nowadays. There are literally so many restaurants that have came out with their own version of spicy food to cater the appetite of Malaysian people. Some of the menus are so satisfying while there are some other that just do not satisfying enough for the Malaysians.

It is actually so exciting to see all of these restaurants trying to produce their own version of spicy food because we can actually taste the variations of food that people can make. One particular spicy food that eventually has become a trend would be spicy burger. These are 4 examples of spicy burgers that are made by fast-food chain in Malaysia.

1) Texas Chicken Fire Dragon

Picture: Texas Chicken

Fire Dragon flavor that is made with not one, not two but eight pepper and also chipotle ranch sauces for the ultimate satisfaction. Using the word ‘fiery’ to describe Fire Dragon, the sauce will tickle the taste buds the right way.

2) Marrybrown Gangjeong

Picture: Marrybrown

Marrybrown’s Korean Gangjeong Chicken is packed with flavours that hit you the right way. The same goes with its chicken burger, Ganjeong Chicken sauce can be seen dripping from the sides of the burger and sandwich between charcoal buns.

3) McDonald’s Spicy Korean

Picture: McDonald’s

Spicy Korean Burgers are back! Get front row seats to a combination of flavours worth idolising. Taking centre stage also is the all-new Spicy Korean Burger K-Duo – a tempting combo of kimchi-seasoned juicy grilled beef and crispy chicken patties coated in a spicy Korean sauce, melty cheese, and fresh mixed vegetables, all in a black charcoal bun.

4) Burger King Seoul Pedas

Picture: Burger King

Seoul Spicy burger comes with crispy fried chicken or flame-grilled beef patty, fresh lettuce, chicken slice or beef bacon and American cheese. Sandwiched between spicy chilli buns and covered in Korean Ramyeon sauce and mayonnaise.

Sources: Texas Chicken, Marrybrown, McDonald’s, Burger King.

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