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Girl Nearly Died After Being Bitten By False Widow Spider While Sleeping

A teenager nearly died after being bitten by a poisonous spider while on holiday in the United Kingdom. Abby Tannetta, 18, stayed in her parents’ caravan at Cardigan Bay Holiday Park to celebrate her graduation.

Not randomly when waking up from sleep, she felt pain in the ribs under her arm. Her eyes saw a large spider near her bed which she believes to have been a false widow spider, then she immediately ran out.

“It was really sore and just got worse. It got bigger, it was very red, itchy and so sore that I couldn’t move my arm or sleep on the side.I was feeling really dizzy and weak, I was boiling, and I felt like my heart was racing and the lump had grown even more to the size of a golfball.

“I collapsed as the doctors were rushing me into surgery but thankfully they managed to do it otherwise I could have got sepsis which you can die from,” she said.

The bite occurred on the first night of May 26 during her holiday, which she had taken with a friend from college.

She later found the spider she believed attacked her and trapped it in a Tupperware container before taking a photo of the eight-legged creature.

Abby said she was in a lot of pain while recovering and that it felt like a stab wound.

“It was an open wound and so far into my body – it was about 4cm deep after the surgery.

“I’m meant to go back to the caravan in a couple of weeks but I feel too scared to go back there right now so I’ll just have to see how I feel nearer the time,” she explained.

“People always say that spiders won’t hurt you, that you’re much bigger than them, but this shows they can. You just don’t think it will happen to you until it does,” Abby added.

Sources: Metro UK

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