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(Video) Kiyotaki Tunnel In Japan, A Well-Known Hotspot For Paranormal Activity

Japan is indeed very famous for its beautiful and fascinating attractions. However, the country is also famous for its myths and haunted places. One of them is the Kiyotaki Tunnel. Although this place is not abandoned, there are some witnesses and rumors of various paranormal things going on there.

For decades this tunnel has been a hot spot for those seeking ghosts and paranormal activity. The Kiyotaki Tunnel is a one-way tunnel that connects the road from northern Arashiyama to a city called Sagakiyotaki.

It is often closely linked to ghost stories, bad luck, and paranormal activities. The tunnel was originally built in 1927 as part of the Atagoyama railway and was completed in 1928.

Although some people estimate the length of the tunnel to be about 500 meters, many believe that the actual length is 444 meters.

It is believed that the process of construction of the tunnel was very formidable because not only were the builders not paid salaries, but many workers were injured and some even died. Many incidents are also said to have occurred in the tunnel such as train accidents, suicide cases, and even murder cases.

Some even say that before the site was built into a tunnel, there was a story of a warrior who died while fighting at the location. Others say it’s the spirits of the construction workers who died while building this place, others say that it’s darker forces that bring the dead to this area because of some kind of spiritual vortex.

One of the taboos that should be avoided when going through the tunnel is to avoid looking at the mirrors around the tunnel and also the mirrors in your vehicle.

It is believed that anyone who looks in the mirror, even just glancing, will see a horror entity reflected in the mirror.

Whatever the situation, this place is a very creepy place that many people avoid at any cost. However, the way in which the truth of the story of the Kiyotaki Tunnel is still unknown.

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