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Other Than Teh Tarik, Here Are 7 Unique Tea Beverages That You Don’t Know



Did you know? Tea is said to be the second most-consumed drink in the world, after water. This explains the tea culture all over the world. Other than the tasty taste of tea, it is also cheap and easy to get.

From cheese-topped tea in Taiwan to India’s pink chai, here are seven different types of tea beverages around the world:

1) Pulled Tea/Teh Tarik (Malaysia)

Picture: Asian Inspirations

The signature brew of Malaysia is called ‘pulled tea’ or teh tarik for how it is prepared. The beverage is made from black tea, sugar, and condensed milk. To achieve its frothy consistency, brewers will repeatedly pour the drink back and forth between cups, making the beverage cool down as it moves from one cup to another.

Nowadays, pulled tea vendors have evolved the process into an art form where the customers would love to watch the mesmerizing dance between man and tea.

2) Bubble Tea (Taiwan)

Pictures: Google

Bubble tea existed since the late 1980s when Lin Hsiu Hui, a product development manager at the Chun Shui Tang teahouse, added bubbles, which are small pearls of tapioca to her tea during a staff meeting. Since then, the teahouse began to sell her peculiar creation.

The base of the beverage is simple as other popular teas, a mix of tea, powdered milk, and sugar. But the twist is the unique ingredient which is small chewy tapioca balls. Today, you can find bubble tea of any flavor from any part of the city.

3) Noon Chai (India)

Picture: Google

The Kashmiri word noon refers to the ingredient of this chat that made it different than the others, salt. Other than salt, noon chai is made of a special mix of milk, pistachios, a mix of spices, and baking soda. Yes, baking soda gives the drink an unusual pink color.

It is usually served on celebratory occasions with a variety of Kashmiri pastries. Compared to noon chai, doodh pati, a kind of milk tea is more common for them to consume daily.

4) Cheese Tea (Taiwan)

Pictures: Google

Cheese tea is made of iced brew of green, black, or oolong tea, topped with a foamy layer of milk, cream cheese, and salt. It was invented in the night markets of Taiwan approximately in the year 2010. The first version was made with powdered cheese and salt with whipping cream and milk to create a foamy top. After that, it was improvised where tea masters began using real cream cheese and fresh milk in place of powders.

Tea and cheese may sound like the worst combination but it actually works well. It makes the tea creamier with a hint of salty taste.

5) Matcha (Japan)

Picture: Gachi Tea

The tender leaves of shaded green tea leaves are grounded using stones to create matcha which is a go-to for a focused energy boost for hundreds of years. During thirteenth-century Japan, matcha was introduced to samurai warriors by Buddhist monks as a pre-battle beverage for increased energy and endurance.

Today, matcha is known for its abilities to enhance focus and a lot more of health-promoting nutrients. It has also been the flavors of almost everything from ice cream to Kit Kat chocolate.

6) Milk Tea (Hong Kong)

Pictures: Google

The Cantonese name of this beverage is si math naaihcha which literally means “pantyhose tea”. It comes from the straining sock that looks like a stocking, used to strain the tea and milk.

The making of this brew requires up to 20 minutes of repeated straining. It is usually the centerpiece of the menus of tea restaurants in Hong Kong where people gather for a tea break.

7) Thai Tea (Thailand)

Picture: NYT Cookings

After the Chinese Civil War, refugees fled to Thailand with tea and a lot more of the components of the culture from their homeland. It was by that time that Thailand began to develop a tea culture of their own and cha yen, which means Thai tea was invented.

Thai Tea is an orange-hued beverage made from a mix of black tea, sugar, condensed milk, and spices. It is usually served over ice in a tall glass and some versions are topped with evaporated milk that creates a pretty ombre effect. The sweet-spicy taste is refreshing especially when the temperature rises which is pretty common in tropical Thailand.

Sources:  Gachi Tea


Food Review: Definitely You Will Love It! ‘Salted Caramel And Pretzel Bits McFlurry’!



It is actually such an exciting thing just to wait for McDonald’s Malaysia to come out with their next release of McFlurry. This time around, it will excitingly be the Salted Caramel And Pretzel Bits McFlurry. The sound of it just makes people all over Malaysia who are definitely a sweet tooth fall in love with it. This is their new flavor.

The Salted Caramel And Pretzel Bits McFlurry are basically made with McDonald’s brand’s signature vanilla soft serve that is truly delicious that got blended with truly divine salted caramel and also crushed pretzel pieces. Such a perfect combination for a dessert. The new flavor is a beloved warm-weather treat and also absolutely a new sweet treat.

Picture: McDonald’s

You should definitely grab yours now just because it is only available for a limited time only. What are you waiting for, order now via McDelivery or even your nearest McDonald’s Drive-Thru? The price is just only RM5.65. Personally, the taste of this McFlurry is perfectly balanced between the sweet vanilla soft serve and also a salty taste of the pretzel. Perfect combination.

Sources: McDonald’s Malaysia

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Food Review: Moist, Sweet And Yummy! Massimo’s Special Edition Pound Cakes!



Since its launch in 2011, Massimo has taken pleasure in providing you nutritious bread made with Italian passion, ensuring that the deliciousness in every bite, from taste to texture to flavour, matches the Massimo brand and heritage’s exacting standards of perfection. Since then, the brand has grown in popularity and is now a staple diet for many Malaysians, whether for breakfast or in between meals. Massimo believes in utilising only the highest-quality ingredients that are high in vitamins and nutrients to keep you going all day.

In conjunction with their 10th anniversary, Massimo has released a new range of special edition, moist, sweet and yummy pound cupcakes and they are known as Burrosa. Burrosa comes in three different flavours which are butter, red velvet and tiramisu. The new product looks almost like Massimo’s Chiffon In A Cup but tastes better.

1. Burrosa Butter 

Here’s my thought on the new product. My favourite one among the three would be the butter pound cake. It is just so soft and moist that it literally melts like butter in your mouth. Not only that, I love how it becomes the best combination for my tea. Besides, you can add any topping you want. I’ve tried this butter pound cake with nutella chocolate spread and peanut butter and it just tastes heavenly.

2. Burrosa Tiramisu

My next favourite would be the tiramisu. After butter, I love anything with coffee, especially coffee buns. Two reasons, they have a wonderful smell and it’s coffee! This tiramisu pound cake, to me, taste exactly like the coffee buns in bakeries. I pair my tiramisu pound cake with a cup of hot, aromatic coffee and it’s just amazing. Why not, the more the merrier right.

3. Burrosa Red Velvet

Last but not least is the red velvet. To be honest, I got attracted to the packaging because the turquoise packaging looks so adorable. The red velvet flavour is just smooth. The only thing missing is a cream cheese frosting. But no problem, I made my own cream cheese frosting at home and you have a premium red velvet cake.

Have you tried these new Massimo Burossa yet? Wait no more and get yours today. Cute packing, tasty and an on-the-go treat!

Sources: Massimo Bread

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TH Launches Stewardship Framework As Governance Foundation



KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 3 — Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) today launched its Stewardship Framework, the foundation of its governance structure to help the pilgrims fund board delivers its mandate of providing world-class hajj services more effectively and sustainably.

TH Chairman Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof said the framework is based on Maqasid Syariah or the higher objectives of syariah that covers five main principles namely the protection of religion, life, intellect, property and future generations.

“The main objectives of TH’s Stewardship Framework are to embrace Maqasid Syariah, conduct operations in compliance with syariah principles and uphold strong corporate governance with integrity,” he said in a statement today.

According to Md Nor as part of the launch, TH would also roll out internal programmes progressively to help its employees to internalise the framework and its role in strengthening corporate governance moving forward.

He added since the TH establishment in 1963, it has organised hajj for 1.5 million people and now, about half of all Malaysian Muslims or 8.3 million are now their depositors to help them save for hajj.

Md Nor said the growth of TH over the years has given rise to the need for TH to strengthen its governance structure further through its Stewardship Framework.

“With over 58 years of experience in syariah-compliant operations, it is essential for us to ensure the long-term sustainability of TH,” he added.

Sources: BERNAMA

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