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(Video) Elephant Breaks Into Woman’s Kitchen In Search of Midnight Snacks

In Thailand, a jumbo house visitor interrupted a woman’s sleep by breaking into her kitchen in the middle of the night last week.

Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon who lives in the Hua Hin seaside resort district recorded a video of the hap. The male elephant was seen poking its head through a hole in the wall and searched for food using its trunk resulting in plates and bowls falling down to the floor. He then scooped up a plastic bag before putting it in his mouth.

The elephant that goes by the name ‘Boonchuay’, was reported to visit Ratchadawan’s village before as it lives in a national park nearby.

Here is the video uploaded by Ratchadawan:

It is unclear if it was caused by the same elephant but the hole in Ratchadawan’s kitchen was smashed by an elephant just last month.

“I have seen elephants roaming around our town looking for food since I was young. But this is the first time they actually damaged my house,” Ratchadawan told CNN.

She suspected that Boonchuay was looking for some salt in her kitchen since there was no other food inside.

Edwin Wiek, director and founder of animal rescue center Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand about 18 miles outside of Hua Hin, told Insider that the elephant’s behavior isn’t uncommon.

“Some of the people in this village-like to put food around their houses to feed the wild elephants that come out of the forest at night,” he said.

“This has become the kind of a problem in the last 15 years as the elephants do not respect any distancing any longer due to this.”

Sources: Insider

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