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(Video) Many Flies In Your House? Try Getting Rid of Them By Doing These Tips



Flies are found almost everywhere people live. They lay their eggs on animal feces, garbage, and rotting organic material. A fly infestation may not be a major concern, but it can also spread disease. Fly infestations are often just a nuisance. It may seem like such an inevitable part of life, but that’s just not so.

There are actually so many safe and easy ways to prevent infestations or get rid of them when fly infestations happen in your own house. Flies may only live 10-25 days but can lay hundreds of eggs in that time. Here’s how you can get rid of house flies without having to spend your days with too many works.

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1) Calamansi + Cloves

Slice the calamansi in half. Stuffed one clove into half of calamansi. Then, placed them all over the house. You can use any type of citrus fruit like lemons, oranges or even limes. It really doesn’t matter. Just use something strong. Flies are entirely uninterested in the scent of cloves and citrus.

2) Cucumber

Slice the while cucumber. Then, placed them all over the house where you do not want any flies there. This is because flies also famously hate the smell of cucumbers.

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3) Candle

Light up a candle. Then, place the candle where there is an abundance of flies at. The heat of the candle could really irritate them and eventually keep them away from flying around in your own house.

4) Lemongrass

Blend as much as lemongrass that you want to use. Then, add water into the blended lemongrass. Sieve the mixture so that you only obtain the liquid. Next, insert the liquid into a spray bottle. Finally, spray the liquid towards the place that you do not want flies to come. Lemongrass has strong insect repellent properties. You can use lemongrass to make a fly repellent spray that also works as a room freshener.

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5) Plastic + Coin

Fill the plastic with water. Then, hang the water-filled plastic at a place that you do not want any flies to come. Other than water, place a coin inside the water-filled plastic as well. The fly bases his movement on light and the refracted light coming through the water in the plastic bag confuses the fly causing him to move on to a place that is easier on the eyes.

6) CD

Hang CD all over the places in your house where you do not want flies to come. The light refraction from the CD help to keep flies away.

Sources: TikTok Mysumber.


Parents Seek Help For 11-Month-Old Baby With Heart Disease



IPOH, June 15  — It has been a struggle for survival for a married couple here, who currently has no source of income due to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Julia Mohd Ali, 34, who suffers from spinal cord disease, said she used to work as a security guard, but was forced to quit her job in last March as her health deteriorated.

The mother of five said life gets hard for her family after her husband Mohamad Syamrezlan Misak, 22, a contract labourer, could not go to work due to the implementation of the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) in Manjoi, from June 6 to 19.

To make matters worse for the couple, they have to take care of their two children who have health conditions and require help as well as treatment.

“I have four children from my previous marriage. Three of them live with my ex-husband, while my eldest son Nor Aiman ​​Fitri, 16, who has Dyslexia and learning disabilities is currently under my care,” she said when met by Bernama at his rented house in Kampung Tengku Hussein, Manjoi.

Julia said her child from the current marriage, Raisha Aleeya, 11 months, was diagnosed with clogged arteries three months ago.

“Every six weeks, I have to take my baby who also suffers from epilepsy to the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital for examination. She is also scheduled to undergo a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan this August,” she said.

Despite the hardship, Julia said she was very grateful for the concern demonstrated by a non-governmental organisation which has agreed to help her in paying the house rental which costs her RM300 a month for three months.

Meanwhile, Kinta district Social Welfare officer Shamsudin Osman said the Social Welfare Department (JKM) would look at the suitable assistance that could be channelled to the family.

“We will visit them to provide the food box aid. We will provide the necessary assistance to the family accoding to their needs,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

Sources: BERNAMA

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Besides Christian Eriksen, These Are 5 Other Footballers Who Have Collapsed On The Field



Recently, the sports world has been bearing shocking news when an unconscious Christian Eriksen received CPR on the turf of Parken Stadium. The incident in which his teammates attempting to form a protective ring to keep his motionless body out of sight really makes everyone worried. It really made everyone worries as seasoned football fans have seen this in the past and the outcome has almost never been nice.

Luckily, the condition of Christian Eriksen is now stabilized. He is under the best possible medical care and most importantly, alive. Other than this particular incident, there are also some other footballers who have collapsed on the field. These are 5 of the most remembered incident that has ever happened before.

1) Fabrice Muamba

Picture: Bleacher Report

The Bolton Wanderers midfielder collapsed on the pitch in an FA Cup match in 2012 due to a cardiac arrest and was technically “dead” for 78 minutes before he was revived. The former England under-21 midfielder had to retire soon after at the age of 24.

2) Marc-Vivien Foe

Picture: Pinterest

The Cameroon midfielder collapsed during a Confederations Cup match in 2003. Medical staff attempted to resuscitate the 28-year-old on the pitch before taking him off on a stretcher. However, they failed in their attempts to restart his heart and he was pronounced dead.

3) Cheick Tiote

Picture: Bleacher Report

Four months after leaving Newcastle United, the midfielder fainted during a training session with Chinese club Beijing Enterprises. The 30-year-old Ivorian died in hospital.

4) Bafetimbi Gomis

Picture: World Football Index

The French striker has collapsed several times on the pitch due to a medical condition that causes him to faint. He has collapsed playing for Swansea City, Galatasaray, and Al-Hilal.

5) Miklos Feher

Picture: Sportskeeda

The Hungary striker was playing for Portuguese side Benfica against Vitoria Guimaraes in January 2004 when he keeled over in pain before falling backward onto the pitch after a heart attack. Medics attempted to resuscitate the unconscious 24-year-old before he was taken off on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. Doctors tried to revive him for nearly 90 minutes before he was pronounced dead.

Sources: The Straits Times.

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1,357,966 Individuals Fully Vaccinated As of Yesterday – Dr Adham



KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 — A total of 1,357,966 individuals have completed the two-dose vaccination under the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme as of yesterday, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba.

Dr Adham in a Twitter posting said, 3,132,304 individuals received the first dose, bringing the number of doses administered in Malaysia so far to 4,490,270.

The five states with the highest number of two-dose vaccinations are Selangor with 174,302 doses followed by Sarawak (149,227); Perak (131,350); Johor (130,202); and Kuala Lumpur (122,810).

As of yesterday, 56.80 per cent or 13,789,736 individuals have registered for the vaccination with Selangor leading the sign-up for jabs at 3,508,098 people followed by Johor (1,720,532), Sarawak (1,320,513) and Kuala Lumpur (1,166,135).

Sources: BERNAMA

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