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(Video) Many Flies In Your House? Try Getting Rid of Them By Doing These Tips



Flies are found almost everywhere people live. They lay their eggs on animal feces, garbage, and rotting organic material. A fly infestation may not be a major concern, but it can also spread disease. Fly infestations are often just a nuisance. It may seem like such an inevitable part of life, but that’s just not so.

There are actually so many safe and easy ways to prevent infestations or get rid of them when fly infestations happen in your own house. Flies may only live 10-25 days but can lay hundreds of eggs in that time. Here’s how you can get rid of house flies without having to spend your days with too many works.

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1) Calamansi + Cloves

Slice the calamansi in half. Stuffed one clove into half of calamansi. Then, placed them all over the house. You can use any type of citrus fruit like lemons, oranges or even limes. It really doesn’t matter. Just use something strong. Flies are entirely uninterested in the scent of cloves and citrus.

2) Cucumber

Slice the while cucumber. Then, placed them all over the house where you do not want any flies there. This is because flies also famously hate the smell of cucumbers.

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3) Candle

Light up a candle. Then, place the candle where there is an abundance of flies at. The heat of the candle could really irritate them and eventually keep them away from flying around in your own house.

4) Lemongrass

Blend as much as lemongrass that you want to use. Then, add water into the blended lemongrass. Sieve the mixture so that you only obtain the liquid. Next, insert the liquid into a spray bottle. Finally, spray the liquid towards the place that you do not want flies to come. Lemongrass has strong insect repellent properties. You can use lemongrass to make a fly repellent spray that also works as a room freshener.

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5) Plastic + Coin

Fill the plastic with water. Then, hang the water-filled plastic at a place that you do not want any flies to come. Other than water, place a coin inside the water-filled plastic as well. The fly bases his movement on light and the refracted light coming through the water in the plastic bag confuses the fly causing him to move on to a place that is easier on the eyes.

6) CD

Hang CD all over the places in your house where you do not want flies to come. The light refraction from the CD help to keep flies away.

Sources: TikTok Mysumber.


Many Choices For ‘Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid’? These Are The Differences



Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid is actually such a familiar brand for many people in Malaysia to use in their own houses. There are so many different types of choices for this particular brand of dishwashing liquid. Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid helps you properly clean dishes. Due to its similarity to soap, the liquid provides many other possible uses such as fruit washing, repelling insects, and cleaning carpets.

Little did many people know, different types of Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid brings different chemical properties and each of them has their own function for cleaning. These are the differences that you have to know as a consumer about Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid before you decided which one to buy.

1) Green Tea, Matcha And Lime

Picture: Sunlight

  • 100% natural perfume.
  • Natural ingredients like matcha, green tea and lime.
  • Eliminate strong odors.
  • Remove stubborn grease.

2) Lemon

Picture: Sunlight

  • Fresh lemon scent.
  • Extract lemon and mineral.
  • 5 times more effective to eliminate oil.
  • Remove stubborn grease.

3) Lime

Picture: Sunlight

  • Extract from 100 limes.
  • Fresh lime scent.
  • Add natural minerals.
  • Eliminate grease and oil effectively.

4) Nature Aloe Vera 

Picture: Sunlight

  • Natural ingredients such as aloe vera and mineral salt.
  • Used to wash children’s dishes safely.
  • Have cleansing power and gentle fragrance.
  • Can be used to wash fruits and vegetables.

5) Sakura Fresh

Picture: Sunlight

  • 100% natural perfume.
  • With Sakura and Orange scent.
  • Easy to eliminate oil.
  • Get rid of uneasy smell.

6) Lemon And Mint

Picture: Sunlight

  • Natural ingredients such as lemon and mint.
  • Kill 99% germs and bacteria.
  • Eliminates dirt and oil.
  • Suitable to be used by sensitive skin.

7) Grapefruit And Rose Hip

Picture: Sunlight

  • 100% natural perfume.
  • Eliminates stubborn grease.
  • Suitable to be used by sensitive skin.
  • Strong and effective cleaning.

Sources: Facebook Sunlight Malaysia

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(Video) Important To Know! The Meaning of CT Value In COVID Test



Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many people in this whole wide world have been exposed to the clinical term of CT Value or better known as the Cycle Threshold. Some people might have the knowledge about it while some other people might not have any idea of what it is. A simple way to understand CT Value would be, it refers to the number of cycles needed to amplify the viral RNA to a detectable level.

Samples that turn out positive can start out with vastly different amounts of virus, for which the CT Value provides an inverse measure. If a higher number of cycles is needed, hence a higher CT value and vice versa. This is because the virus is spotted only after many cycles.

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If CT Value Is Less Than 35

  • The viral load in the body is high.
  • The chance that the virus could be infectious towards other people is very high.
  • Symptoms for newly infected individuals.

If CT Value Is More Than 35

  • Virus infection is in its final stage.
  • The chance that the virus could be infectious towards other people is very low.
  • Detection of the rest of the virus fragments.
  • Symptoms for an old infection.

Sources: TikTok Dr. Samhan.

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Musty Smell In Your House! Use These 5 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of It!



There are many possible reasons why an unpleasant and musty smell lingers in your house. Some smells signal a possible danger, like mold growth or decomposition, which often requires professional cleanup. Others, however, are not that serious. It is very important as an house owner to get rid of that smell so that it would not bother anyone.

Having a dusty smell in the house could be very discomforting for the owner and also for all the guests that wanted to visit their house. Old musty smell are some of the most difficult odors to remove from your home. Luckily, there are actually some simple ways that can be done to get rid of the musty smell in house. Here are 5 simple ways of it.

1) Open Doors And Windows

Picture: Essay Avenue

Get some fresh air circulating in your space. Take 5-10 minutes to completely air out your space. The air outside is a lot cleaner than the air inside your home. If your home is really smelling musty, give it some fresh air. Do this regularly to prevent the musty smell from coming back.

2) Use A Dehumidifier

Picture: The Spruce

High humidity levels can make a house smell musty. Install a dehumidifier and keep the humidity level at 50%. This can keep the air nice and dry, and hopefully prevent any mold from growing in your space. Make sure the humidity level is never over 60% because that is when mildew and mold can start to thrive.

3) Run Ceiling Fan

Picture: Coolray

Circulating air can help get rid of musty smells. Sometimes musty smells coming from the air being too humid and still. Turn on your ceiling fan to dry out the air and get rid of the smell. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, keep a box fan running where the smell is particularly strong, or keep a few throughout your home. These can ventilate your space just as well.

4) Absorb Odor With Baking Soda

Picture: Martha Stewart

Pour baking soda into bowls and place them throughout your home. Baking soda can deodorize your home due to its ability to absorb the smell. If you don’t have any baking soda on hand, kitty litter can double as an odor eliminator. Pour kitty litter into bowls and keep them throughout your home like you would baking soda. Charcoal briquettes are another option to absorb odors. Place them in trays throughout your home or set them on a shelf or table to get rid of any musty smell.

5) Steam Upholstery And Carpeting

Picture: The Spruce

Your furniture and carpet may be to blame for the musty smell. Rent a steam cleaner to clean your upholstered furniture like couches and chairs. Hire a professional if you’re not comfortable cleaning the furniture yourself. Carpet can also keep your house smelling musty. Steam clean your carpets or hire a professional carpet cleaner if your carpet is in need of some cleaning.

Sources: WikiHow.

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