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(Video) One of The Most Ghastly Murders In Malaysia And Known As ‘The Serpent’

Charles Sobhraj is one of the most notorious assassins in Malaysia that was originally from Cambodia. He is also known as ‘The Serpent’ and he is among the scariest killers from Southeast Asia. According to the news, Charles Sobhraj has committed nearly 12 to 24 murders and is believed to have mental problems. He started committing his first crime by robbing tourists in European and also Middle Eastern countries.

While in Thailand, he had met an Indian man named Ajay Chowdhury who was also a criminal and became his colleague. There he also met Marie-Andrée Leclerc of Canada who is one of his followers. They both committed the first murder in 1975 in which an American woman drowned in a pond in the Gulf of Thailand.

Since then, both of them have regularly committed murders against foreign tourists by strangling, burning, and suffocating them. Sobhraj and his friends continued to kill and steal the victim’s passports so they could travel around the country without being tracked by the police. In March 1975, Sobhraj returned to Bangkok and was subsequently detained and interrogated by police. But he was eventually released because authorities feared his murder case would damage Thailand’s tourism industry.

After that, he, Chowdhury, and Leclerc came to Malaysia. Chowdhury was instructed to steal the gemstone and give it to Sobhraj. The man was last found while in Malaysia and has since disappeared without news. Many believe he was brutally murdered by Sobhraj in Malaysia before the man along with Leclerc flew to Geneva with the jewel stolen by Chowdhury. Sobhraj continued his evil agenda around the world until he was finally arrested by the police and sent to a 12 -year prison in New Delhi in July 1976.

Sources: YouTube Serial Killers Documentaries.

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