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(Video) This Girl Creates Amazing Dress With Just Using Her Long Hair

Some people are extremely creative and talented but this one girl stole the attention of social media users when she uploaded a video transforming her long hair to look like a pair of dresses. The video was shared on her Instagram account, hepgul5.

Through the video, the girl was seen wearing a hat and sunglasses with her hair thick, long and thick wrapped around her body to make her look like she was wearing a dress.

To make the knee-length ‘dress’ look more attractive, the girl is ready to wear a belt as an additional accessory.

Some social media users claim the video may have been edited. Meanwhile, some say that the girl’s hair is a wig or she may be using a hair extension technique.


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A post shared by hepgul5 (@hepgul5)

Sources: hepgul5, NewsHeads

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