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YouTube Review: How Many Sprays and Where? Simple Guide When Using Fragrance



Wearing a fragrance is actually easy. Just a little spritz here and there, and you’re done. But wearing fragrances to get the best result requires a little more skill and finesse. Quick fact, there are correct placement depends entirely on both the environment in which it’s worn and the outfit for which it accessorizes. It is so important.

To wear a fragrance, there are certain places that you have to spray at and also a number of sprays for any occasions that you are heading to so that you could get the best result out of your fragrance’s usage. According to this video posted by Jeremy Fragrance, you could understand better how to wear your fragrances accordingly.

1) 3 Sprays Routine

For this particular routine, it can be used when you are going to be on a train, in a car, or even on a flight and have three hours or eight hours journey to a certain place. These examples are for the situation where you would have an enclose encounters with other people.

The spray would be on the back of each of your ears and also on the back. These three are the most essential sprays for anyone when they are going out. This is because it would be the least annoying for you and the people around you but it is also the most efficient one.

2) 5 Sprays Routine

For this routine, it can be used when you are at the office or even at school or college. This is kind of a standard spray routine because the office and the school would be where many people in this whole wide world are most of the time.

The other two more sprays would be added on both sides of the front of your shirt. It would give an aggressive confident boost to you. Fragrances do last longer when it is sprayed on your clothes rather than on your own skin. It is better for long-lasting performance.

3) 7 Sprays Routine

This is for the extreme going out type of situation. For example, when you go to the city center or even a particular festival. Generally when you are in an outside festival. You would need to add two more sprays to your routine of wearing fragrances.

The other two sprays would be on both sides of your shoulder. For those who have long hair, the other two sprays could be on both sides of your hair. The fragrances would be perfectly radiate towards the other people near your area.

Sources: YouTube Jeremy Fragrance.


YouTube Review: Getting Know These 5 Signs of A Healthy Relationship



A healthy relationship is definitely something many people in this whole wide world have been looking for in their own life. This is because they wanted a relationship that could make everyone in their life to be happy. Partners respect each other’s independence, can make their decisions without fear of retribution or retaliation, and share decisions.

Healthy relationships do not look the same for everyone since people have different needs. Your specific needs around communication, affection, space, shared hobbies or values, and so on may change throughout life. So, a relationship that works in your 20s may be nothing like the relationship you want in your 30s. Things may change.

1) Good Communication

You should be comfortable talking about any issues that come up, from things that happen in everyday life, such work or friend stress, to more serious issues, such as mental health symptoms or financial concerns. You and your partner can share your feelings, even when you don’t agree, in a way that makes the other person feel safe, heard, and not judged.

2) Emotionally Supportive

At its core, however, emotional support is about providing love, support, reassurance, acceptance, and encouragement in a relationship. It’s especially important in times of stress or sadness as it stabilizes the relationship and provides a positive foundation for both partners.

3) Willing To Grow Together And Adapt

A strong relationship can be considered a team. You work together and support each other, even when you don’t see eye to eye on something or have goals that aren’t exactly the same.

4) Being Able To Admit When They’re Wrong

When you and your partner can admit you are wrong to one another and can discuss calculated efforts to move forward, you relationship will not just be stronger and more honest but more meaningful as well.

5) A Great Sense Of Humor

It’s important to make time for fun and spontaneity when the mood is right. If you can joke and laugh together, that’s a good sign. Sometimes life challenges or distress might affect one or both of you. This can temporarily change the tone of your relationship and make it hard to relate to each other in your usual ways. But being able to share lighter moments that help relieve tension, even briefly, strengthens your relationship even in tough times.

Sources: YouTube Psych2Go.

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(Video) Panta Petrovic, Man Who Has Been Practicing Social Distancing For 20 Years



Almost twenty years ago, a man named Panta Petrovic made social distancing a lifestyle choice. He opted for a socially distanced and self-isolated life when he moved to cave top in the Stara Planina mountains in Serbia. His home on the mountain has a unique tree-climb entrance. He does not often come out for purchases as he gets welfare and food donations reached to him.

When asked about his hermitage, Petrovic explained that he wanted to live a life without his wife, neighbors, or police intervention. He lived a normal life before he started living in a cave. Petrovic worked as a laborer on the black market and had married thrice. However, he found freedom and solace away from society.

@dr.karanrThe man who missed a pandemic #learnontiktok #schoolwithdrkaran #CruelSummerConfessions #siberia

♬ Runaway by Kanye Piano – Henry Cantu

While taking up cave life he also gave up his earning to build three small bridges across the town. He believes ‘money is cursed’ and it only corrupts people. Petrovic feeds mostly on leftovers in the town bins. Sometimes, he walks around the forest to collect mushrooms and fish from a nearby lake. He also owns a herd of goats, a flock of chickens, three kittens, and a wild boar named Mara. They lived in the cave until a few of them were slaughtered by wolves, which prompted Petrovic to move them to a shack across the town. He heavily relies on donations to feed his animals.

He came out after 20 years to get his COVID-19 vaccine and also urged other residents to get their due doses. Towards the conclusion of his interview with the news agency, Petrovic reiterated his stance on vaccines. He called the anti-vaxxers fussy and directed them to get their jabs too. The vaccines are to eradicate the disease and urged every citizen to get their due jabs.

Sources: TikTok Dr Karan Raj.

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(Video) Don’t Miss It! These Are Best ‘Last Man On Earth’ Movies You Must Watch!



The last man on earth movies usually portrays only one person left to survive. But sometimes, there’s just more than one person. If you love the action-packed or horror genre, then these are 5 movies you must watch. These movies make you imagine what it is like if things turn out to be the way they are.

Plus, we are now in the midst of the pandemic, so watching this will literally bring chills to your spine. So grab your popcorns and snacks, and get ready for some thrilling experience!

1. I Am Legend (2007)

Starring Will Smith, this 2007 post-apocalyptic action thriller movie is set in  New York. A virus, which was originally created to cure cancer, has wiped out most of mankind, leaving Neville as the last human in New York. Neville is immune to the virus. Robert Neville, a scientist, is the last human survivor of a plague in the whole of New York. He attempts to find a way to reverse the effects of the man-made virus by using his own immune blood.

2. Wall-E (2008)

Wall-E is a 2008 American computer-animated science-fiction movie that was produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney. Wall-E is not really a human. WALL-E follows a solitary robot on a future, deserted Earth, left to clean up garbage. However, he is visited by a probe sent by the starship Axiom, a robot called EVE, with whom he falls in love and pursues across the galaxy. This movie is super cute and funny but it also shows the importance of taking care of our planet.

3. Oblivion (2013)

This is more of a futuristic movie. Oblivion takes place in 2077, on an Earth devastated by war with extraterrestrials that has caused humanity to relocate itself to Titan. The film follows the story of Jack Harper, a technician who has been sent back to Earth to service drones used in the fight against remaining extraterrestrials (scavengers). After witnessing a spacecraft crash, from which he rescues a survivor, Harper is captured by scavengers (who are revealed to be humans) and fights against a new and evolving alien threat.

4. 28 Days Later (2002)

Starring Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Christopher Eccleston, Megan Burns, and Brendan Gleeson. The plot depicts the breakdown of society following the accidental release of a highly contagious virus and focuses upon the struggle of four survivors (Murphy, Harris, Burns, and Gleeson) to cope with the destruction of the life they once knew while evading those infected by the virus. If you love horror movies, then this is a must-watch.

Sources: TikTok @itskmp_refreshmentI Am LegendWall-EOblivion28 Days Later

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