The highly anticipated 2021 Olympic Opening Ceremony which took place in Tokyo has such plenty of exuberant outfits to at least sort of distracting from the sadly empty stands because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For starters, the Japanese singer-songwriter Misia has beautifully performed the Japanese national anthem in a voluminous, rainbow-colored gown by designer Tomo Koizumi.

Afterward, the Parade of Nations offered a rare survey of the world’s fashions, from Angola to Vanuatu. Each nation, of course, brought its own color to the ceremony. Some wore elaborate gowns and headpieces and suits. Some, like the athletes from Bermuda, wore Bermuda shorts. And others wore nothing at all on top. The Ukrainians donned yellow fanny packs. Sierra Leone had the best tracksuits.

1) Greece

Picture: Insider

While the men’s uniforms were pretty basic, the women in Greek’s delegation wore super-chic pleated skirts. As is tradition, Greece was the first country to make its entrance. Their delegation of 82 athletes was led by flag bearers Anna Korakaki and Eleftherios Petrounias.

2) Kenya

Picture: Capital News

Kenya donned striking blue and red plaid ensembles with red capes to the opening ceremony.

3) Italy

Picture: Huffpost

Italy wore white ensembles, complete with an Italian flag on the belly and red sneakers. Some athletes wore green, red and white scarves in their hair, too. Italy’s 386 athletes were impossible to miss.

4) Ukraine

Picture: Yahoo

They wore bike shorts and fanny packs to the opening ceremony. Groundbreaking! Ukraine’s outfits were both comfortable and practical, with a place to store snacks.

5) the United States of America

Picture: Insider

Business on top, party on the bottom! Team USA, dressed by Ralph Lauren, wore dark denim pants, striped shirts and blazers to the opening ceremony. Team USA was led by baseball’s Eddy Alvarez and basketball’s Sue Bird.

Sources: People