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Food Review: ‘Onde-Onde Ice-Cream’, Refreshing New Flavor From Nestle!

This is absolutely such an exciting twist for a particular traditional Malay dessert to be made and that is none other than the ‘Onde-Onde’. Recently, Nestle Ice-Cream has officially come out with a brand new flavor and the flavor would be the ‘Onde-Onde Ice-Cream’. This is to offer all the Malaysians with a delicious locally-inspired delight.

It is definitely a true delight inspired by Malaysian’s local favorites, filled with finely grated coconut in the center for a captivating twist of flavors. Surprisingly, it tastes exactly like onde-onde and it is so amazing that Nestle Ice-Cream is able to capture the true authentic flavor. It is without a doubt 100% a must-try for all Malaysians out there.

Picture: Nestle Ice-Cream

According to the review, the pandan smell for the ice cream is not too strong and the best part would be the filling. This is because the filling is a molten gula melaka with grated coconut inside the ice cream. Inside, the filling is definitely sweet and also thick. This ‘Onde-Onde Ice-Cream’ is the perfect ice-cream treat on a scorching hot day.

Price: RM2.50

Availability: 99 Speedmart, 7-Eleven, KK mart, Petronas, Shell, Convenience Store, and also online.

Sources: Nestle Ice-Cream.

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